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::Keyboard 1::

Name: Alana Dale Franklin
Nicknames: Llama, Lana Lana Bing Bang, Annonyma, Hanson
Online Names: Solid_Water, TCee
Age: 15
D.O.B.: 22.12.83
Hometown: Lemoore, California
Grade: 11th, Junior!
Other than Keyboards: Lana is also known for playing the drums really well.. she plays drums on a song called Move Over, and some other un-named songs we just mess around with.
Hobbies: Drawing, Basketball, Softball, Running, Singing, Writing: Songs, music, stories, poems; bothering teachers... (specially Mrs. W) =P
Type of Music she likes: Pop & some Alternative
What she hasta say: "fonnay fonnay fonnay"
Interesting Fact: She have twin brothers...and they are really annoying. And She loves Hanson. She was born in Lemoore and lived here all her life! I know...it's sad. Oh yah and how could I forget? Sabrina is her bestestest friend in the WHOLE world...so don't mess with Bino or you have to answer to Lana......
She's been playing: Keyboard/piano for 2-3 years and Drums for about a year and she likes to mess around w/the guitar.

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