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->Solid Water's Page Of Insanity<-

*WHUT'S ON THIS PAGE??* (keep scrolling down and like yeah!)

  • Kangie's pyromaniac drawing
  • Some words & definitions from our Solid Water Dictionary O' Magic
  • Mission: IMPOSSIBLE (a story about Kangie runnin' into the wall)
  • Solid Water's hooptie fresh ride (our shopping cart)
  • Kangie's Drumstickz
  • We have a calling card!!!

  • Angie's drawing... this is whut she does when she's bored

    :::Solid Water's Dictionary O' Magic:::
    Discontach: When two or more things aren't attached.
                 EX: Her head became discontached and rolled down the street
    Hooptie Fresh Ride: a.) What you call a car that you don't actually drive;
                 it sits in your driveway and you sit on the trunk to impress
                 the neighbors. b.) The name of our shopping cart.
    Booty O' Fun: From the line of the original Solid Water song

    -Mission: IMPOSSIBLE-
    Jackie, Erin, and i think Sabrina & Alana were at Angie's house and they were all being weird.. (Hyper n' stuff) and they had the theme song for Mission: Impossible on, you know how the song goes right? right! alright.. well they were poppin' outta corners and stuff like they were spies or somethin and here comes the part in the song where the d00d says "this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds..." after 10 seconds.. here comes Angie runnin' to the couch and jumps over it and ~*BAM*~ hehehe right smack into the wall! 
    :::Solid Water's Hooptie Fresh Ride:::
    Mmmkay, well one day after school everyone came to Kangie's house and the band practiced and stuff and Kangie had 3 things of polaroid film she wanted to get rid of and so Alana found a shopping cart on top of a fire hydrant and she took it and we all got inside and pushed each other around in it.. oooh fun! hehe and like yeah, They middle schoolers got out of school after us and we called some over to take pictures of us *hehehe* They called the shopping cart their "hooptie fresh ride"

    :::Kangie KoRn's Drumstickz:::

    These are Kangie's OLD drumstix.. every practice we have she breaks at least one drumstick and everytime she gets new ones she's gotta be creative and tag all over them.. whether with pen, marker, or spray paint.. you can alwayz tell they're hers!

    :::We Have Calling Cardz!:::
    Aight well we have calling cards we hand out to everyone we see..
    heh heh it wouldn't do too many of you guys good cuz you dunno our area code, don't waste your time and find out.. we're boring people on the phone!

    Aww, It's okay, I know you want to leave
    GO AHEAD!!! I DONT CARE!!!!!