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Solid Rock
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Welcome To Solid Rock Baptist Chapel
We are delighted that you have chosen to learn more about us today, and we look forward to having the opportunity to meet you personally. To the left you will find some links to some valuable information about our church. Should you have further questions or if we can be of service to you, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Where Is Solid Rock Baptist Chapel?
You can find Solid Rock Baptist Chapel in Mississauga at 2475 Truscott Drive. 2475 Trustcott drive is a Community Centre. As you enter the Clarkson Community Center you will see a Gymnasium (but we aren't in there). We should have signs up along the first hallway to the left of the Gymnasium. The room we meet in is the Youth/Seniours room and we meet every Sunday from 10AM until 12:15PM. 10AM to 11AM is the time we do Sunday School. Services are 11AM to 12:15PM. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you.

What Can You Expect When You Visit Us?
At Solid Rock Baptist Chapel we are trying to build a loving, caring Church where everyone feels at home. We want everyone to feel welcome. During one of our services you will hear a message from God's Word. We try to go through a book of the Bible in its entirety so as to not take the Word out of context. As well we will sing some songs. With a mix of contemporary choruses and traditional hymns we attempt to bring all ages together in worship. We will have a time of greeting where you will have a chance to say "HI" to those you are worshipping with. There is no offering taken but we do have an offering box that one may drop in a donation if one wishes. The church is provided by through the contributions of its members. Our guests need not feel obligated to pay for anything. We want to provide a place of worship where you can find God at your own pace. We don't want to judge you, we don't want to fight with you, all we want to do is enjoy your company as we worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Feel free to come as you are.

If you are interested in visiting this church yet you have further questions, you are invited to contact our pastor at (905)813-0962 or by e-mail at Solid Rock Baptist Chapel. Solid Rock Baptist Chapel is a member of the Southern Baptist Denomination and are affiliated with the Frontier Association of New York. We hope to hear from you.

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