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Healing Words

I am a Spiritkeeper of the white buffalo. I am the dreamer. I am the awakening. I journey to the spirituality of renewal. I seek to heal the lost, to show their belonging in unconditional love. To unite us all in one spirit.
I share with you my writings & dreams for a better world.

I have been told, and now I can see
My destiny holds a high place for me
A path I will follow, a place I will go
A seed I will plant, thus letting love grow

I'm some kind of healer
Some visible sign
A love and faith dealer
For those who are blind

This course that awaits me
This incoming tide
Is slowly erasing
All doubts from my mind

I follow it blindly
With faith I pursue
And I will act kindly
I'm one of the few


My dreams are wide open
The gates of fear slowly raised
To let the light inside me shine
Attracting the vagrants of love and life
Those wandering in darkness
Emotionally tied and bound
With me will be found

Shine on me, and mirror
Spreading outward
Radiating from within
To without
See the things that I see
Feel what I feel
Be me, be you

Crawl from the depths, climb to new highs
I am inside you, I hear you cry
I feel your pain,I taste your tears
I replace pain, erasing your fears

Let me take you, let me have you
And walk away new, my gift to you

New heart, new mind
With me you will find
And from here
Be changed
Be new

Be you

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