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Take a look at all the new rookie gms entering the Summer League and the teams they've choosen with some returning gms as well.

GM-Fubuman (Previous Team Record: 11-71 29th)
Fubu has ran several successful leagues and hopes to
revive the hawks after they came dead last in rankings

GM-EvelKnievel13 (Previous Team Record: 39-43 17th)
A huge trader, look for this rookie gm to be breaking some trading records with a well-rounded celtics team.

GM-T22Wolves (Previous Team Record: 48-34 10th)
Ranked 94th on Virtualgm2k's top 100 list, T22 has been known for being a good gm to trade with.

GM-TED2161985 (Previous Team Record: 43-39 12th)
Mainly known for his successful leagues, he is ranked 8th on Virtualgm2k's top 30 commissioners list. After an excellent job improving denver by OcOnS735, Ted hopes to continue improving this team.

GM-G Money52385 (Previous Team Record: 32-50 24th)
A smart trader he will be looking to get the pistons to the playoffs after a rocky 32-50 spring league.

GM-AROD2213 (Previous Team Record: 21-61 26th)
Equally a great commissioner and gm with ranks 3rd and 1st for top 100 gms and top 30 commissioners he will be trying to improve the warriors who need much help.

Returning GMs - MoKA DAwG Returns
GM-MoKAMaN2k (Previous Team Record: 34-48 21st)
Formally MoKA DAwG a past co-gm of the year winner, I recognized his name on the top 100 gms list with him ranked 2nd and found out it was MoKA DAwG with a new SN after all that time. Now he makes his return after a successful season with phoenix back in the winter of 1998.

GM-Gkbryant08 (Previous Team Record: 15-67 27th)
Returns after leaving and being absent for one league. The former Clipper GM VPDeGuia received the worst gm of the year award and gkbryant08 hopes to get an MIT award instead.

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