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  (Wednesday, 6/21/00)
  TRADE 1:
  Kings get: Paul Pierce, Tony Battie, and Dana Barros
  Celtics get: Scot Pollard, Tony Delk, the 16th pick, and 2 Million

  TRADE 2:
  Clippers get: Mario Elie and 2 Million
  Spurs get: Derek Anderson and Pete Chilcutt

  TRADE 3:
  Spurs get: Ron Artest
  Bulls get: Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, and the 54th pick

  TRADE 4:
  Kings get: Darrell Armstrong
  Magic get: Jason Williams, Nick Anderson, and Bill Wennington

  TRADE 5:
  Celtics get: Andre Miller and Bob Sura
  Cavaliers get: Kenny Anderson and the 11th pick

  TRADE 6:
  Suns get: Gary Payton
  Supersonics get: Jason Kidd

  TRADE 7:
  Suns get: Bryant Reeves, Michael Dickerson, and Felipe Lopez
  Grizzlies get: Anfernee Hardaway, Luc Longley, and Shawn Marion

  TRADE 8:
  Celtics get: Lamar Odom and the 3rd pick
  Clippers get: Antoine Walker

  TRADE 9:
  Bucks get: Maurice Taylor
  Clippers get: Danny Manning

  TRADE 10:
  Bucks get: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Mike Bibby, and Obinna Ekezie
  Grizzlies get: Glenn Robinson, Sam Cassell, and Mirsad Turkcan

  TRADE 11:
  Spurs get: Robert Traylor
  Bucks get: the 41st pick

  TRADE 12:
  Celtics get: Derrick Coleman and Eddie Robinson
  Hornets get: Danny Fortson and the 39th pick

  TRADE 13:
  Celtics get: Shawn Marion
  Grizzlies get: the 16th pick and 3 Million

  TRADE 14:
  Spurs get: Popeye Jones and Keon Clark
  Nuggets get: Pete Chilcutt and Samaki Walker

  TRADE 15:
  Nets get: Bob Sura, the 3rd pick, and 4 Million
  Celtics get: the 1st pick

  TRADE 16:
  Bulls get: the 49th pick
  Bucks get: Chris Carr

  TRADE 17:
  Nets get: 2 Million
  Hornets get: the 36th pick

  TRADE 18:
  Nets get: 8 Million
  Magic get: Kerry Kittles

  TRADE 19:
  Nets get: 1 Million
  Bucks get: Johnny Newman

  TRADE 20:
  Mavericks get: Donyell Marshall
  Warriors get: Gary Trent

  TRADE 21:
  Bulls get: Luc Longley
  Grizzlies get: 2 Million

  TRADE 22: *trade of the day*
  Raptors get: Kevin Garnett and Terrell Brandon
  Timberwolves get: Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and Doug Christie

  TRADE 23:
  Spurs get: 2 Million
  Timberwolves get: Jerome Kersey

  TRADE 24:
  Trailblazers get: Vince Carter
  Timberwolves get: Arvydas Sabonis and Damon Stoudamire

  TRADE 25:
  Nets get: LaPhonso Ellis, Lorenzen Wright, and 1 Million
  Hawks get: the 3rd pick

  TRADE 26:
  Lakers get: Tracy McGrady, Anthony Peeler, and the 51st Pick
  Timberwolves get: Glen Rice

  TRADE 27:
  Celtics get: Robert Horry, Devean George, and 1 Million
  Lakers get: Derrick Coleman and Eric Williams

  TRADE 28:
  Celtics get: Corey Maggette, Charles Outlaw, Michael Doleac, and the 10th pick
  Magic get: the 1st pick

  TRADE 29:
  Trailblazers get: Andre Miller
  Celtics get: Jermaine O'Neal, the 28th pick, and 2 Million

  TRADE 30:
  Cavaliers get: the 1st pick and Nick Anderson
  Magic get: Shawn Kemp and Andrew DeClercq

  TRADE 31:
  Trailblazers get: Kerry Kittles and Derek Strong
  Magic get: Detlef Schrempf

  TRADE 32:
  Trailblazers get: Antoine Walker, Mario Elie, and the 18th pick
  Clippers get: Vince Carter, Kerry Kittles, and Bonzi Wells

  TRADE 33:
  Clippers get: Grant Hill
  Pistons get: Vince Carter and 3 Million

  TRADE 34:
  Spurs get: Tim James, Anthony Carter, the 52nd pick, and 2 Million
  Heat get: Terry Porter

  TRADE 35:
  Kings get: Ray Allen and Scott Williams
  Bucks get: Paul Pierce and Tony Battie

  (Thursday, 6/22/00)
  TRADE 36:
  Trailblazers get: P.J. Brown and Jamal Mashburn
  Heat get: Rasheed Wallace

  TRADE 37:
  Timberwolves get: Tim Hardaway
  Heat get: Wally Szczerbiak and Damon Stoudamire

  TRADE 38:
  Supersonics get: Shawn Bradley and the 58th pick
  Mavericks get: Rashard Lewis and Emanual Davis

  TRADE 39:
  Hawks get: Shawn Kemp, Ben Wallace, and Chauncey Billups
  Magic get: Dikembe Mutombo, Bimbo Coles, and the 6th pick

  TRADE 40: *trade of the day*
  Rockets get: Glen Rice and Joe Smith
  Timberwolves get: Charles Barkley, Walt Williams, Cuttino Mobley, and 5 Million

  TRADE 41:
  Hawks get: Doug Christie and 2 Million
  Timberwolves get: Jim Jackson

  TRADE 42:
  Trailblazers get: Mookie Blaylock and 5 Million
  Warriors get: Jamal Mashburn

  TRADE 43:
  Spurs get: Tony Delk, the 28th pick, and 1 Million
  Celtics get: Anthony Carter and 1 Million

  TRADE 44:
  Trailblazers get: Tim James
  Spurs get: the 57th pick

  TRADE 45:
  Hawks get: Tim Thomas, Darvin Ham, and the 43rd pick
  Bucks get: Ben Wallace, Roshown McLeod, and the 40th pick

  TRADE 46:
  Cavaliers get: Andre Miller and the 18th pick
  Trailblazers get: Brevin Knight and 2 Million

  TRADE 47:
  Cavaliers get: Matt Geiger, Tyrone Hill, and the 20th pick
  76ers get: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Andre Miller, and Wesley Person

  TRADE 48:
  Mavericks get: Chucky Brown
  Hornets get: Greg Buckner

  TRADE 49:
  Trailblazers get: Danny Manning
  Clippers get: Stacey Augmon and 5 Million

  TRADE 50:
  Nets get: Theo Ratliff
  76ers get: Jayson Williams and Bob Sura

  (Friday, 6/23/00)
  TRADE 51:
  Mavericks get: Derrick Coleman and the 51st pick
  Lakers get: Dirk Nowitzki

  TRADE 52:
  Trailblazers get: 7 Million
  Warriors get: Greg Anthony

  TRADE 53:
  Hawks get: Sean Elliott, the 24th pick, the 32nd pick, the 33rd pick, and 17 Million
  Bulls get: Doug Christie and Tim Thomas

  TRADE 54:
  Mavericks get: the 28th pick
  Spurs get: the 31st pick, the 51st pick, and 2 Million

  TRADE 55:
  Trailblazers get: Cedric Henderson
  Cavaliers get: 9 Million

  TRADE 56:
  76ers get: Tom Gugliotta and Rodney Rogers
  Suns get: Jayson Williams and Nazr Mohammed

  TRADE 57:
  Celtics get: Tim Thomas, Matt Maloney, the 7th pick, the 34th pick, the 49th pick
  and the 54th pick
  Bulls get: Lamar Odom

  TRADE 58:
  Grizzlies get: Michael Finley, Steve Nash, the 12th pick, and the 28th pick
  Mavericks get: Sam Cassell and Anfernee Hardaway

  TRADE 59:
  Nets get: Ron Artest and Antonio Daniels
  Spurs get: Isaiah Rider

  TRADE 60:
  Nets get: Derek Anderson
  Spurs get: Kendall Gill, Scott Burrell, and 1 Million

  TRADE 61:
  Spurs get: Mikki Moore
  Pistons get: the 52nd pick, the 57th pick, and 1 Million

  TRADE 62:
  Kings get: Tony Delk, Popeye Jones, and the 51st pick
  Spurs get: Dana Barros

  TRADE 63:
  Kings get: Walter McCarty and the 49th pick
  Celtics get: Popeye Jones

  TRADE 64: *trade of the day*
  Trailblazers get: Grant Hill, Kerry Kittles, and the 30th pick
  Clippers get: Scottie Pippen and Steve Smith

  TRADE 65:
  Trailblazers get: Vinny Del Negro
  Bucks get: the 30th pick

  TRADE 66:
  Nets get: Thomas Hamilton and the 40th pick
  Bucks get: Jim McIlvaine

  TRADE 67:
  Mavericks get: Jon Barry
  Kings get: Erick Strickland and Sean Rooks

  (Saturday, 6/24/00)
  TRADE 68:
  Kings get: Larry Johnson and the 22nd pick
  Knicks get: Corliss Williamson, Lawrence Funderburke, Tyrone Corbin,
  and the 51st pick

  TRADE 69:
  Hawks get: Trajan Langdon, 13 Million, and the 18th pick
  Cavaliers get: the 3rd pick

  TRADE 70: *trade of the day*
  Wizards get: Toni Kukoc and Eric Snow
  76ers get: Rod Strickland, Don Reid, and 3 Million

  TRADE 71:
  Cavaliers get: the 12th pick and Steve Nash
  Grizzlies get: Kenny Anderson

  TRADE 72:
  Hawks get: Tim Hardaway and 3 Million
  Timberwolves get: Jason Terry and Sean Elliott

  TRADE 73:
  Hawks get: the 54th pick, Popeye Jones, and 1 Million
  Celtics get: Cal Bowdler

  TRADE 74:
  Celtics get: Bob Sura
  76ers get: Charles Outlaw

  TRADE 75:
  Nuggets get: Maurice Taylor, Ervin Johnson, and the 30th Pick
  Bucks get: Raef LaFrentz and Cory Alexander

  TRADE 76:
  Nuggets get: Dale Ellis
  Hornets get: 3 Million

  (Sunday, 6/25/00)
  TRADE 77:
  Wizards get: Arvydas Sabonis, Jim Jackson, Sean Elliott, and Jerome Kersey
  Timberwolves get: Mitch Richmond, Richard Hamilton, Isaac Austin,
  and Gerard King

  TRADE 78:
  Wizards get: Larry Johnson and the 49th pick
  Kings get: Jim Jackson and Aaron Williams

  TRADE 79: *trade of the day*
  Hawks get: Karl Malone and John Stockton
  Jazz get: Shawn Kemp, Tim Hardaway, and the 24th pick

  TRADE 80:
  Wizards get: the 28th pick
  Grizzlies get: Calvin Booth

  (Monday, 6/26/00)
  TRADE 81:
  Kings get: Dennis Scott
  Grizzlies get: Walter McCarty

  TRADE 82:
  Nuggets get: Darrick Martin
  Kings get: the 37th pick

  TRADE 83:
  Mavericks get: Vin Baker and Shawn Bradley
  Supersonics get: Anfernee Hardaway

  TRADE 84:
  Hawks get: Lamond Murray and the 20th pick
  Cavaliers get: Alan Henderson, Drew Barry, and the 18th pick

  TRADE 85:
  Jazz get: Nick Anderson
  Cavaliers get: Scott Padgett, the 23rd pick, the 24th pick, the 26th pick,
  and 2 Million

  TRADE 86:
  Pistons get: the 5th pick and the 6th pick
  Magic get: Jerry Stackhouse, Loy Vaught, and the 44th pick

  TRADE 87: *trade of the day*
  Pacers get: Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki, Derek Fisher,
  and 1 Million
  Lakers get: Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Dale Davis, Mark Jackson,
  and the 56th Pick

  TRADE 88:
  Wizards get: Anthony Mason, Baron Davis, and the 19th pick
  Hornets get: Juwan Howard, Sean Elliott, and 3 Million

  TRADE 89:
  Pacers get: Paul Pierce, Ben Wallace, and the 41st Pick
  Bucks get: Tracy McGrady and Dirk Nowitzki

  (Tuesday, 6/27/00)
  TRADE 90:
  Mavericks get: Bob Sura, Corey Maggette, and Matt Maloney
  Celtics get: Rashard Lewis, Hubert Davis, Robert Pack, 1 Million

  TRADE 91:
  Celtics get: Christian Laettner
  Pistons get: Robert Horry and 1 Million

  TRADE 92:
  Bulls get: Bill Wennington
  Magic get: Chris Anstey

  TRADE 93: *trade of the day*
  Clippers get: Vince Carter, Michael Curry, and the 14th pick
  Pistons get: Scottie Pippen, Bonzi Wells, and 3 Million

  TRADE 94:
  Pacers get: Gary Payton and Felipe Lopez
  Suns get: Paul Pierce, Travis Best, and Chris Mullin

  TRADE 95:
  76ers get: Jerome Williams and Jud Buechler
  Pistons get: Wesley Person and 2 Million

  TRADE 96:
  Clippers get: Derek Fisher
  Pacers get: Tyrone Nesby and Eric Murdock

  TRADE 97:
  Hornets get: the 52nd pick and the 57th pick
  Pistons get: 3 Million

  TRADE 98:
  Raptors get: Vlade Divac and Ray Allen
  Kings get: Kevin Garnett, Antonio Davis, the 21st pick, and the 46th pick

  TRADE 99:
  Hornets get: Jayson Williams and the 25th pick
  Suns get: Danny Fortson

  TRADE 100:
  Nets get: Jalen Rose, Dale Davis, and the 56th pick
  Lakers get: Keith Van Horn, Ron Artest, Antonio Daniels, and the 40th pick

  TRADE 101:
  Kings get: Tracy McGrady
  Bucks get: Jim Jackson, Predrag Stojakovic, and the 46th pick

  (Wednesday, 6/28/00)
  TRADE 102: *trade of the day*
  Trailblazers get: Paul Pierce and Kevin Johnson
  Suns get: Brevin Knight, Mario Elie, and Kerry Kittles

  TRADE 103:
  Suns get: the 12th pick
  Cavaliers get: Kerry Kittles

  TRADE 104:
  Grizzlies get: Rik Smits and Jeff Foster
  Pacers get: the 2nd pick and Grant Long

  TRADE 105:
  Wizards get: Tony Delk and the 45th pick
  Kings get: Tracy Murray and the 49th pick

  TRADE 106:
  Pacers get: Michael Doleac and Tim Thomas
  Celtics get: Ben Wallace, Grant Long, and 1 Million

  (Thursday, 6/29/00)
  TRADE 107:
  Heat get: Richard Hamilton and Gerard King
  Timberwolves get: Dan Majerle and Clarence Weatherspoon

  TRADE 108:
  76ers get: Jason Kidd and Brent Barry
  Supersonics get: Rod Strickland, Tom Gugliotta, and Todd MacCulloch

  TRADE 109: *trade of the day*
  Hornets get: Patrick Ewing, Latrell Sprewell, Tyrone Corbin, and the 51st pick
  Knicks get: Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell, Ricky Davis, and the 36th pick

  TRADE 110:
  76ers get: Brad Miller
  Hornets get: the 48th pick and Don Reid

  TRADE 111:
  Hornets get: the 58th pick
  Supersonics get: Don Reid

  TRADE 112:
  Kings get: the 31st pick
  Spurs get: Sean Rooks

  TRADE 113:
  Timberwolves get: Tony Battie
  Bucks get: Dan Majerle

  TRADE 114:
  Kings get: Will Perdue
  Bulls get: Dennis Scott

  TRADE 115:
  Rockets get: Jason Williams and Detlef Schrempf
  Magic get: Steve Francis, Carlos Rogers, and the 38th pick

  (Friday, 6/30/00)
  TRADE 116: *trade of the day*
  Mavericks get: Steve Francis, Matt Harpring, and the 38th pick
  Magic get: Sam Cassell and Vin Baker

  TRADE 117:
  Raptors get: Tyrone Nesby and Jonathan Bender
  Pacers get: Charles Oakley and 2 Million

  TRADE 118:
  Nuggets get: Mike Bibby, Predrag Stojakovic, and the 46th pick
  Bucks get: Nick Van Exel, Chris Gatling, and 2 Million

  (Saturday, 7/1/00)