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SUMMER LEAGUE: Power Rankings 8/6
(The 4th siming concludes a great summer league season, thanks to everyone again!
    Here are the power rankings for the teams heading to the 2000 NBA Playoffs)

Power Rankings Top 7 (reviewed by Osirus75)
Team  / GM  /  Record
1) Philadelphia - PizimpRock (66-16)~Boy this was tough call...Indiana went on a 23 game win streak and has a one game lead over philly but talent wise i still don't see indiana over philly so they still have just a slightest bit of a edge to hold this one spot...we shall soon see in the playoffs who survives in the east.

2) Indiana - Austin3408 (67-15)~With 23 straight wins at one point, austin's pacers also move up 2 spots and just nearly climb to the 1 spot in such a short period of 30 games as a awesome eastern conference playoffs is formed.

3) LA Lakers - Todnba (62-20)~LA drops down 2 spots not because of poor play but just because 2 teams are lighting it up in the east. They still have a very strong team...with shaq daddy of course and lead the west.

4) New York - UofM714 (62-20)~tied with the best team in the west, it just shows how great the atlantic division has become but with a tough game of the week loss to philly they show a bit of weakness to take over LA's spot but who knows what will happen in the playoffs.

5) Sacramento - PipRodJor (59-23)~Pip acquired the pf he much needed along with a all-star 2 guard in the closing minutes of the trade deadline to once again get pip in the game...move up to the 4th spot is likely but bigger things are on the mind of sacramento...

6) San Antonio - SM33 KVH44 (58-24)~With all the competition going about san antonio still managed to stay strong, just one game back of sacramento he could surprise people in the playoffs.

7) Seattle - MoKAMaN2k (55-27)~Just taking this spot from JoDePi's orlando team, moka kept a great record while fighting with 2 tough teams in the pacific and surpassed orlando's record and could also upset some teams in the west.

(Honorable Mention - Orlando, Portland, and Utah)

Bench Power Rankings Top 7 
(reviewed by Osirus75)
Team  / GM  /  Record
1) Dallas - T22Wolves (50-32)

2) Philadelphia - PizimpRock (66-16)
3) Indiana - Austin3408 (67-15)
4) New York - UofM714 (62-20)
5) Seattle - MoKAMaN2k (55-27)
6) Orlando - JoDePi (52-30)
7) Sacramento - PipRodJor (59-23)

(Honorable Mention - Milwaukee, LA Lakers, and Utah)

-note these are opinions and reviews only
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