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. FIRST ROUND                                                                              .
 1st Pick - Kenyon Martin PF/C (Houston)
2nd Pick - Stromile Swift PF (Houston )
3rd Pick - Chris Mihm C (Cleveland)
4th Pick - Darius Miles SF (Chicago)
5th Pick - Etan Thomas PF (Detroit)
6th Pick - Marcus Fizer PF/SF (Detroit)
7th Pick - Jerome Moiso PF/C (Seattle)
8th Pick - Quentin Richardson SG (New York)
9th Pick - Eddie House PG/SG (Houston)
10th Pick - Craig "Speedy" Claxton PG (Seattle)
11th Pick - Keyon Dooling PG (Cleveland)
12th Pick - DerMarr Johnson SF/SG (New York)
13th Pick - Morris Peterson SG (Houston)
14th Pick - Eduardo Najera PF (LA Clippers)
15th Pick - Joel Przybilla C (Milwaukee)
16th Pick - Jamal Crawford PG (Vancouver)
17th Pick - Dan Langhi SF (Seattle)
18th Pick - Desmond Mason SG (Cleveland)
19th Pick - Mamadou N'diaye C (Washington)
20th Pick - Mike Smith SF (Atlanta)
21st Pick - Chris Porter SF (Sacramento)
22nd Pick - Mike Miller SF/SG (Sacramento)
23rd Pick - Courtney Alexander SG (Cleveland)
24th Pick - Lavor Postell SF (New Jersey)
25th Pick - Ed Cota PG (Charlotte)
26th Pick - Erick Barkley PG (New York)
27th Pick - Corey Hightower SG/SF (Indiana)
28th Pick - Mateen Cleaves PG (Toronto)
29th Pick - Jamaal Magloire C (Washington)
30th Pick - Chris Carrawell SG (Denver)
31st Pick - Jason Collier C/PF (Sacramento)
32nd Pick - Jabari Smith C (Atlanta)
33rd Pick - A.J. Guyton PG (Chicago)
34th Pick - DeShawn Stevenson (Philadelphia)
35th Pick - Carlos Strong PF (Washington)
36th Pick - Mark Blount C (Atlanta)
37th Pick - Gordon Malone PF (Orlando)
38th Pick - Mark Madsen PF (Dallas)
39th Pick - Iakovos Tsakalidis C (Minnesota)

40th Pick - Hanno Mottola PF (Milwaukee)
41st Pick - JaRon Rush SF (Philadelphia)
42nd Pick - Soumaila Samake C (Seattle)
43rd Pick - Olumide Oyedeji PF (Indiana)
44th Pick - Jake Voskuhl C (Houston)
45th Pick - Khalid El-Amin PG (Miami)
46th Pick - Dan Muller SF (Denver)
47th Pick -
Pepe Sanchez PG (Seattle)
48th Pick - Donnell Harvey SF/PF (Charlotte)

49th Pick - James Forrest SF (Phoenix)
50th Pick - Hidayet Turkoglu SF (Utah)
51st Pick - James "Scoonie" Penn PG (Charlotte)
52nd Pick - Dalibor Bagaric C (Charlotte)
53rd Pick - Melvin Watson PG (Denver)
54th Pick - Ernest Brown C (Atlanta)
55th Pick - Mark Karcher SG (Golden State)
56th Pick - Primoz Brezec PF/C (Philadelphia)
57th Pick - Tyrone Grant SF (Charlotte)
58th Pick - Stephen Jackson (Charlotte)

by Fubuman   
What are your plans with having the 1st pick in the draft? hints??
Well...i dont wanna give away to much but there might be a draft night surprise....
i have heard that with #2 austin will take miles so i might take miles at #1, let him
take martin at 2 than get maybe fizer... as it is i am considering that..... but its not
a fact, I am a major fan of darius so i'm not sure

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