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  Interview 7/30/00: SM33 KVH44 (SA)

  ok first off congrats on a landslide of a gm of the week poll...

  (SM33 KVH44) - Thank you, I'm glad people want to see the Spurs
  in action.

  yes...a lot of people heh, your currently ranked 5th in the league,
  7th for bench (power rankings), and are on top of the midwest
  division. Do you feel everything is going your way as we enter the
  all-star break?

  (SM33 KVH44) - Not really, I expected us to be first or second in
  the western confrence, and before the break we've gone on a 17-8
  run which is not what I was expecting, but when the playoffs roll
  around who knows? Maybe it was worth it.

  as you take on another excellent team in portland, whom do you
  feel needs to step up for your team to win and which players from
  portland will give you trouble?

  (SM33 KVH44) - Well I don't think anyone needs to step up, all we
  need to do is play together, spread the scoring and maybe kidd or
  rahim can give us a triple double game, who knows? I think we have
  nobody to worry about from the blazers lineup because i'm sure
  Shareef will hold down hill to his best ability and we are pretty deep
  at the power forward position so Walker won't be getting a huge 25
  points 11 rebounds double double game, so we really don't have
  much to worry about.

  which player do you think deserves the most credit? kidd, reef, avery
  or jerome off the bench, or even rider who is getting 18.5 ppg for you?

  (SM33 KVH44) - Well nobody in particular carries this team, they work
  together and have good chemistry, so there is nobody I credit for our

  very true...any rivalries with any teams or other gms? seems like all the
  action is in the pacific but what about the midwest?

  (SM33 KVH44) - I would say I have a rivalry with the Kings and Lakers
  because they pose the biggest threat to me, but I think we can take
  them down anyways, as for other gm's, there are mayne who don't like
  me and the feeling is mutual but all I really care about is the title and
  not to make friends. About the midwest, well I have to say, wit the
  exception of my team, it's weak and reminds me of the eastern

  ok thanks for your time and good luck against portland

  (SM33 KVH44) - No problem, I don't think we need the luck but thanks

  >>interviewed by Osirus75