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  Interview 7/2/00: NyKpGsG14 (CLE)

  what are your plans with having the 1st pick in the draft? hints??

  (NyKpGsG14) - Well...i dont wanna give away to much but there might
  be a draft night surprise....i have heard that with #2 austin will take
  miles so i might take miles at #1, let him take martin at 2 than get maybe
  fizer... as it is i am considering that..... but its not a fact, I am a major
  fan of darius so i'm not sure

  ohhh, good strategy, ok # 2 With so many draft picks do you feel
  that some of them will be cut?

  (NyKpGsG14) - well my bench isnt a great squad but i do have some
  good players off the bench ( cheaney and padgett) and so i can keep my
  picks and those two and my sl as it is and cut all of the scrubs off my
  bench... because i value my rookies higher than them due to the fact
  that this draft has great talent

  Do you feel your young rookie squad will have what it takes to
  prevail in the Cenral?

  (NyKpGsG14) - well it depends on who comes to my team.... i dont
  think i will be able to guard mj but i think i will have plenty of stamina and
  depth to tire out some guys and than takeover and after the draft when
  i will ave a great draft and will look to not be weak anywhere i think i
  just might have the stuff to get my first over .500 team and maybe make
  the playoff but if my rookies show that they can take it to the next level
  i think i have a strong shot at the titlle

  #4 Is there a good chance that you will package some of those
  picks and then have the first three picks in the draft?

  (NyKpGsG14) - No. Austin wants to much he wants me to give up
  kittles,geiger and a bunch of guys from my sl and bench for the pick....
  don't get me wrong i would certainly love to have the first 3 picks but
  the guy wants too much..... so we'll have to see

  Any predictions on how the top 5 in the draft will go?

  (NyKpGsG14) - who has the first 5?

  #1-Cavs, #2Pacers, #3-Cavs, #4-Bulls, #5-Pistons

  (NyKpGsG14) - great question.... 2/5 of it belongs to me.... so im not
  real sure im probably gonna take miles because i'm very weak there at
  sf austin will than go with a foward or center like martin or mihm than i
  will go after fizer maybe but im strong at pf so we'll see i think that if
  open osi will go for mihm and than with #5 i think since he also has #6
  that gmoney might go for stromile swift, than maybe dooling or jc but
  it might be too early for them so it's up to him

  (NyKpGsG14) - i just wanna say GOOD LUCK to everyone it looks like
  another great league is up and coming ......i wish everyone the best of
  luck but only 16 come into the playoff and 1 leaves the champ...... maybe
  someone will beat pip we'll see

  ok well thanks for your time, nice interviewing you, and good luck

  >>Interviewed by Fubuman (ATL)