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  Interview 6/7/00: PipRodJor (SAC)

  what are your thoughts about hosting the second straight
  preseason opener against europe, a game only played by the
  last leagues champion?

  (PipRodJor) - phew..It is a great honor considering this season
  didn't go as well as past seasons. But i was fortunate enough to
  make it through the playoffs and it feels great to host a game
  against Europe

  who would you like to see stepup in the preseason opener? and
  is there anyone on the europe team that would give your team
  any trouble?

  (PipRodJor) - If Shaq gets into foul trouble they will dominate
  up at the center posistion with Divac, Sabonis, Olo. Also Kukoc
  could blow up for a good game but we have a great defender in
  Gill to try to slow him up

  you requested to have tariq abdul-wahad on your team rather
  than let him start for the second straight opener on the europe
  team. do you think he's a good factor off your bench?

  (PipRodJor) - of course, thats why i wanted him here on our
  team, if i didnt think he would be a factor then i wouldn't of
  requested for him to stay, hes the biggest spark off our bench

  what are your plans for the summer league? are you looking for
  that 5th title and who do you think will also have a chance at
  the league title?

  (PipRodJor) - well the west is always challenge, and there are so
  many great GMs it will be hard. It should be pretty interesting
  and i can just hope i made good trades to try to defend my title

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