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Here is the complete list of all the GM of the Day Awards given in the 4 weeks of great trading during the Spring League, great job everyone!

Sunday, February 13: PipJorRod (NY) and Pizimprock (NJ)

Monday, February 14: AceMan034 (TOR)

Tuesday, February 15: VPDeGuia (LAC)

Wednesday, February 16: NyKbBaLLA8 (ATL)

Thursday, February 17: MichRulz02 (MIL)

Friday, February 18: FTaylor213 (BOS)

Saturday, February 19: UofM714 (POR)

Sunday, February 20: SirNBAMasterS (HOU) and PipRodJor (NY)

Monday, February 21: none (no trades recorded)

Tuesday, February 22: NikeGolfNC (MIA)

Wednesday, February 23: JoDePi (PHO)

Thursday, February 24: Pizimprock (NJ) and JoDePi (PHO)

Friday, February 25: OcOnS735 (DEN) and UofM714 (POR)

Saturday, February 26: JoDePi (PHO)

Sunday, February 27: SM33 KVH44 (SAC)

Monday, February 28: none (no trades recorded)

Tuesday, February 29: PipRodJor (NY)

Wednesday, March 1: MichRulz02 (MIL)

Thursday, March 2: Rhodyfan5 (UTA)

Friday, March 3: none (no trades recorded)

Saturday, March 4: FTaylor213 (BOS) and And1Spree8 (SEA)

Sunday, March 5: NoLimit34MP (IND)

Monday, March 6: none (no trades recorded)

Tuesday, March 7: none (no trades recorded)

Wednesday, March 8: none (no trades recorded)

Thursday, March 9: none (no trades recorded)

Friday, March 10: none (no trades recorded)

Saturday, March 11: JoDePi (PHO)

Sunday, March 12: CRASHnBRN2 (PHI) and JoDePi (PHO)

Monday, March 13: Iverson2103 (MIN)