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Michael Jordan has just signed an exclusive deal with EA Sports to be in the NBA Live 2000 game.  Also the trio of Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Jason Kidd will be adding their own moves and style to NBA Live 2000's realistic b-ball action!


NBA LIVE 2000 is the sixth product in EA SPORTS' wildly popular NBA LIVE series of
basketball titles that has sold more than seven million units to date. NBA LIVE 2000
delivers all of the NBA's current teams and players. In an EA SPORTS worldwide
exclusive, 60 of the greatest NBA players of all time are included in the PC and
PlayStation games. Game players can compete against five All-Star teams and see
how they stack up against today's teams. Fans can also challenge their favorite NBA
players to a game of one-on-one street ball on an outdoor court. The classic matchups
are endless: Wilt Chamberlain vs. Shaq, Karl Malone vs. Dr. J or Allen Iversen vs. Bob Cousy.


  1. Revolutionary Face in the Game™ Technology allows users to put anyone in the game with more than 50 different player expressions, hair types, skin colors and eye colors to choose. (PC)