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For the draft please follow the important rules below:

1.) IM your draft decisions to me only so I can make the official

2.) try to keep the comments low especially when announcing draft
picks or who has the next pick but anything in-between is fine
(like the occasional booing and cheering of picks)

3.) make sure your at the draft, if you absolutely cannot be at the
draft get a representative for your team. preferably another gm or
friend since I will not be representing any teams. (if your not at the
draft with no team representatives, your pick will be skipped)

The first round (picks 1-29) will have 3 minutes of time for the GM
to make a decision and IM me their selection. Within those 3 minutes
the GM has the option of making his pick right away and we will
immediately go on to the next pick OR use the 3 minutes to work out
a deal to trade his pick. (30 second warnings will be given)

IF A DEAL HAS BEEN MADE, IM me immediately and I will
announce the official trade and the GM with the newly acquired pick
will have 1 minute to make his selection.

The second round (picks 30-58) will have 1 minute of time for the
same rules as the above and 30 seconds for GMs with newly
acquired picks.

Have fun scouting and good luck at the draft!

any suggestions let me know ~>Osirus75