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1. Each of these coaches won at least 900 games except
Lenny Wilkens
Dick Motta
K.C. Jones
Bill Fitch

2. How old was George Gervin when he became a Spur??

3. The Spurs played their last game in the Hemisphere Arena against the....
Philadelphia 76'ers
Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns
Sacramento Kings

4. this person was known as Microwave during his basketball career. Who was he?
Jack Haley
Vinnie Johnson
Eric Floyd
George Karl

5. This guy loves playing Playstation. Who is he?
Tim Duncan
Karl Malone
Jason Kidd
Gary Payton

6. Which Atlanta Hawks player scored the 6,000,000th point in NBA History back in 1992???
Jon Kocak
Dominique Wilkins
Stacey Augmon
Adam Keefe

7. Which current/former player has a musical group named after him???
Mookie Blaylock
Wayman Tisdale
Dikembe Mutombo
Eldridge Recasner

8. When was Jason Kidd born???
March 15, 1973
May 2, 1974
June 12, 1973
March 23, 1973

9. Which NBA Player has never led the NBA in blocked shots???
George Johnson
Patrick Ewing
Manute Bol
Dikembe Mutombo

10. What two teams had a coin flip to acquire Lew Alcindor

11. What team plays their home games in the General Motors Place?
Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76'ers
Vancouver Grizzlies

12. Who holds the career record for three-pointers made in the All-Star game???
Mitch Richmond
Isiah Thomas
Scottie Pippen
Magic Johnson

13. Who is the only player to record 300 steals in a single NBA season???
Don Buse
Alvin Robertson
Gary Payton
Michael Ray Richardson

14. Who holds the NBA record for most assists in a single game??
Scott Skiles
Kevin Porter
Ernie DiGregorio
Bob Cousy

15. What active player holds the NBA Finals with most steals swapped in a single game?
Scottie Pippen
Sam Cassell
Ron Harper
Robert Horry

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