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Beginning August 1, 1999: Big Trades and Signings

TRADE: (Pre-Draft)
Atlanta Hawks get: Bimbo Coles, Duane Ferrell, and 10th Draft Pick

Golden State Warriors get: Mookie Blaylock and 21st Draft Pick

TRADE: (Draft)
Seattle Supersonics get: Horace Grant and 2 Future Draft Picks
Orlando Magic get: Corey Maggette, Billy Owens, Dale Ellis, and Don MacLean

Toronto Raptors get: Antonio Davis
Indiana Pacers get: Jonathan Bender

Atlanta Hawks get: Isaiah Rider and Jim Jackson
Portland Trailblazers get: Steve Smith and Ed Gray

Denver Nuggets get: Ron Mercer, Popeye Jones, and Dwayne Schintzius
Boston Celtics get: Danny Fortson, Eric Williams, Eric Washington, and Future Pick

Orlando Magic get: Tariq Abdul-Wahad and a Future Draft Pick
Sacramento Kings get: Nick Anderson

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Lamond Murray
L.A. Clippers get: Derek Anderson and Johnny Newman

Orlando Magic get: Danny Manning, Pat Garrity, and 2 Future Draft Picks
Phoenix Suns get: Anfernee Hardaway

Atlanta Hawks get: Lorenzen Wright
L.A. Clippers get: 2 Future Draft Picks

Orlando Magic get: Terry Davis, Ben Wallace, Tim Legler, and Jeff McInnis
Washington Wizards get: Isaac Austin

Seattle Supersonics get: Brent Barry
Chicago Bulls get: Hersey Hawkins and James Cotton

Philadelphia 76ers get: Billy Owens
Orlando Magic get: Harvey Grant and Anthony Parker

Milwaukee Bucks get: Danny Manning and Dale Ellis
Orlando Magic get: Chris Gatling and Armen Gilliam

Vancouver Grizzlies get: Michael Dickerson, Othella Harrington, Brent Price, Antoine Carr, and a Future Draft Picks
Houston Rockets get: Steve Francis, Tony Massenburg, and Don MacLean
Orlando Magic get: Lee Mayberry, Rodrick Rhodes, Makhtar Ndiaye, and Michael Smith

Dallas Mavericks get: Sean Rooks
L.A. Lakers get: A.C. Green

Detroit Pistons get: Derek Harper
L.A. Lakers get: Melvin Levett

Orlando Magic get: Future Draft Pick
Washington Wizards get: Laron Profit

L.A. Clippers get: Eric Murdock
New Jersey Nets get: Johnny Newman

Chicago Bulls get: Chris Anstey
Dallas Mavericks get: Future Draft Pick

Houston Rockets get: Stacey Augmon, Kelvin Cato, Ed Gray, Carlos Rogers, Brian Shaw, and Walt Williams
Portland Trailblazers get: Scottie Pippen

Phoenix Suns SIGN: Rodney Rogers

Portland Trailblazers SIGN: Detlef Schrempf

Denver Nuggets SIGN: George McCloud

Sacramento Kings SIGN: Darrick Martin

Boston Celtics SIGN: Calbert Cheaney

Toronto Raptors SIGN: Dell Curry

Miami Heat SIGN: Otis Thorpe

San Antonio Spurs SIGN: Terry Porter

New York Knicks SIGN: John Wallace

Seattle Supersonics SIGN: Vernon Maxwell

Cleveland Cavaliers SIGN: Mark Bryant

Seattle Supersonics SIGN: Greg Foster

San Antonio Spurs SIGN: Samaki Walker

Vancouver Grizzlies SIGN: Dennis Scott

Utah Jazz SIGN: Olden Polynice

Chicago Bulls SIGN: B.J. Armstrong

San Antonio Spurs SIGN: Felton Spencer

Sacramento Kings SIGN: Bill Wennington

Phoenix Suns SIGN: Corie Blount

Chicago Bulls SIGN: Fred Hoiberg

New Jersey Nets SIGN: Michael Cage

Philadelphia 76ers SIGN: Bruce Bowen

Vancouver Grizzlies SIGN: Grant Long

Orlando Magic SIGN: Monty Williams

Detroit Pistons SIGN: Terry Mills

Toronto Raptors SIGN: Muggsy Bogues

Detroit Pistons SIGN: Pooh Richardson

New York Knicks SIGN: Andrew Lang

L.A. Lakers SIGN: John Salley, Benoit Benjamin

Houston Rockets SIGN: Shandon Anderson

San Antonio Spurs SIGN: Chucky Brown, Derrick Dial

Washington Wizards SIGN: Michael Smith

Utah Jazz SIGN: Pete Chilcutt

Golden State Warriors SIGN: Tim Legler

Seattle Supersonics SIGN: Chuck Person

Philadelphia 76ers SIGN: Rodrick Rhodes

L.A. Lakers SIGN: Ron Harper