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Ray Allen (MIL) and Kobe Bryant (LAL) have faced each other several times in real life but what would happen when we take this 1-on-1 matchup to the streets?

nbaLive 1-on-1 Hoop Challenge
 There are many talented young players now that can
 dunk, shoot, and take it to the hole against many other
 star players.  

 But what would happen if we take two talented players
 to the streets for a little 1-on-1 street ball action? We
 probably won't ever hear results from a 1-on-1 matchup
 but fortunately for us NBA Live 2000 has added an
 awesome new feature called Michael Jordan in
 1-on-1 (fitting name because MJ would be the best in
 one-on-one competition) where we can matchup any
 two players and see who owns the street courts.

 Vote for the 2 matchups you'd most like to see from
 the list below and one exhibition matchup.

~MAIN MATCHUPS~ (vote for 2)
 (1) Kobe Bryant vs. Ray Allen
 (2) Lamar Odom vs. Kevin Garnett
 (3) Jason Kidd vs. Gary Payton
 (4) Shaquille O'Neal vs. Alonzo Mourning
 (5) Vince Carter vs. Grant Hill
 (6) Steve Francis vs. Allen Iverson

 (1) Muggsy Bogues vs. Earl Boykins
 (2) Shawn Bradley vs. Gheorghe Muresan
 (3) Chris Dudley vs. Will Perdue


 Rules: The 2 main matchups voted will be games to
 21, and the exhibition match will be to 11. Also each
 basket is worth 1 point and 2 points from beyond
 the arc.

 Results posted on the: Fun Zone