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Angel Kisses


an Angel's kiss,

is as sweet as the breeze.

from the heavens above,

it blows through the trees.


Light and magical,

It touches your skin.

It runs through your body,

And penetrates within.


My Sweet Angels touch,

Makes my heart sing,

It feels like a flutter,

From a butterfly's wing.


 An Angel's Magic,

Touches your soul.

Can make a diamond,

Out of pure coal.

Can give you feeling,

Beyond compare,

Captures the heart,

With passion's flair.

The soul becomes one,

With another who,

Has captured your magic,

And the passion too.

Flames of love

Eternally burn bright,

To share with each other,

Against the cold lonely night.

Love is shared

Through passion's fire,

And burns forever,

With eternal desire.

You are my Angel,

That has taught me to fly,

My strength, My emotion,

My will, to soar high.

With your butterfly wings,

Together we'll soar,

And into eternity,

Our fire will roar.




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Poetry page 12 (Dedicated to my son Joseph, lovingly called Baby Joe~Dec.13,1991-May,31,1993)

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