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Hello, I have just added some more poetry for you all to enjoy. So please,

Sit back, relax and read, drop me a line to let me know what you think, or to give me some input.

Poem # 1

There's a feeling when you touch me,

A feeling deep inside.

It makes my heart start aching,

It's something I can't hide.

Tonight, when you hold me,

And pull me close to you,

That feeling will remind me,

There's nothing I won't do.

It sends my heart to wander,

And starts a roaring fire.

This feeling you've created,

Peak's me with desire.

Nothing compares to it's depth,

Nothing can match it's Beauty.

It's like an Ocean's roaring waves,

Or Thunder and lightning's raging fury.

Milady '93

Poem # 2

Moments pass, without you near,

So I write these lines, for you to hear.

I lye here, all alone,

Away from you and far from home.

My wishes and dreams have faded away,

And hopes of happiness, gone astray.

A kiss, a hug, a loving touch,

The feeling we shared, I miss so much.

Trials and troubles, have come and passed,

Will our love prove strong enough to last?

The lovers moon, once brought us together,

To love, honor, and cherish forever.

Milady '93

Poem #3

I hear, when nature calls,

With beautiful mountains,

And water falls.

Animals wild, and roaming free.

This is where,

I want to be.

Forest's deep, and cool crisp streams.

When all is peaceful,

Just as it seems.

Open skies, means stars are bright,

And beautiful sounds,

Fill the night.

Milady '93

Poem # 4

She must partake in this lonely world,

To sit and watch as it's unfurled.

Some say she's hurt and she's forgot.

Down trodden and distraught.

But she is strong of will and might

And all her life, she's had to fight.

It's not much, but she's here today,

She's lost her heart along the way.

The struggles she's found, deep within,

Have been the hardest, for her to win.

Through broken heart and rage of fire,

She's found her soul's true desire.

And every day, is a journey to strive.

And she fights hard, just to survive.

It's always a test of hope and will,

A leap of faith, but she's here still.

Milady '93

Poem # 5

The mountain tops,

The streams below,

The winter winds,

The river's flow,

Don't hold a candle

To your love,

Not the earth below,

Or the stars above.

The falling rain,

The thunder's roars,

Can't compare to

How my heart soars.

The moon, the sun,

The earth's peaceful bliss,

I'd trade it all,

For one sweet kiss.

Warm waterfalls,

All the worlds charms,

Aren't the same,

As being in your arms.

All nature's beauty,

The world can't sever,

Nor two heart's desires,

Of being together.

Milady ' 94

I hope you have enjoyed these oldies, but goodies.

Please visit again soon.

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