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Milady Rain's Poetry

These are all my own original works.

You may send the URL to whomever You wish,

But please do not copy them with out permission.

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 Love Poem #1.

 Love Poem #2.  Love Poem #3.

Love Poem #1

 I want to hold you in my arms and feel your touch,

The heat of your body pressed to mine.

I want to hear your heart beating and

feel your breath, as our bodies intertwine.


I want our souls to join and our bodies to become one,

I want our passion to ignite.

Let us be together for all eternity,

By starting our journey tonight.


Lead me and I will follow,

The journey will take time.

Lead me to your heart,

Then I will lead you to mine.



 Love Poem #2

Come, share with me,

For the best is yet to be.

Let us grow old in each others arms,

And protect each other from ills and harms.

Let us share this life together

with all it has in store,

The mountains, the sky, the valleys,

And the ocean shore.

When our days are finished on earth,

In heaven we will be.

To share our love again, for all eternity.


 Love Poem #3

Let us have today as if it were our last.

Living for the present, yet remembering the past.

Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone,

So, let us live for today, and hope for the dawn.

Love knows no bounds of time, and will go on forever.

Let us live in eternity, with this love together.






 I hope you have enjoyed these poems.

I will be writing and sharing more soon.

Please come back for another visit soon, to see what new poetry I have.

Again, Thank You for visiting, please sign my guestbook-


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Poetry page 12 (Dedicated to my son Joseph, lovingly called Baby Joe~Dec.13,1991-May,31,1993)


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