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The Bibliography Page


1. This is my friend Matt McBole's site which specializes in information on the Bf109. Matt is an expert in his field. It was Matt who explained to me the name differences between the Bf and Me, plus the Komet spelling (C or K?) Also his site provided the movie clip on the Bf109 page. IMPORTANT: Some of the words from his site were used in the quotes on various pages.
2. At this site I received information about the Me163 Komet. I also got the pictures that were posted within the site. IMPORTANT: Some of the words off this site are used on my pages.
3. This site features the Messerschmitt Bf109. The picture posted at the bottom of my main page came from this site.
4. At this site, I got the specs on the Bf109. In addition, I also got the Desert Camaflouge picture and information about the Bf109's role in the Spanish Civil War. IMPORTANT: Information and pictures are used from this site on my pages.
5. This site provided pictures of the Messerschmitt Me262. My Me262 page contains a picture from this site.
6. This site provided me with a brief history about the Bf109 and a caption for the painting located on my 109 page. IMPORTANT: The painting and information from this site was used on my pages.
7. This site featured another picture that I located at the top of my main page. This painting is available to buy from the manufacturer or artist. (It's a collectors item.)
8. This site provided me with yet more Bf109 information and massive pictures that are located in my site. IMPORTANT: Pictures and information from this site are used on my pages.
9. It was extremely hard to find a good picture of Willy Messerschmitt and information about him. Thanks to this site, my problem was quickly solved. IMPORTANT: Information and pictures from this site were used on my pages.
10. This site is quite plain, however, it did provide me with a great picture of the Bf109 taking off.
11. At this site I got information about the Bf109 that was fully restored to flying condition. Look here if you want to know more about hte world's only flying Bf109. IMPORTANT: Information on this site was used on my pages.
12. Yet another Bf109 site that provided me with specs and a great picture of the plane that seems to look as if it is flying through the screen. IMPORTANT: Information and pictures from this site were used in my pages.
13. This site has picture of the Me163 Komet.
14. This site contains additional infomation on the Me262 and has more great pictures.
15. While searching for pictures for my aircraft timline, I discovered this site. By clicking on articles or sections here, I was able to get page after page of various aircraft pictures. IMPORTANT: Pictures from this site are on my pages.
16. This site contains the movie posted on my Bf109 page. It was provided and designed by Matt McBole.
17. This site was used to find the above resources on the internet. Here you can type in what you want to find and its search engine will list all available links. This site was extremely important for me to begin my ressearch.
18. This site was an alternative source like altavista. Here I was able to searh the internet quicker and more efficiently to find my sources. This site was very important in my research.
19. This is another site like the two mentioned previously. Here, I searched the internet for Messerschmitt sites which were also very important in my research.
20. This site gave me information about all the various types of Messerschmitt aircraft.
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