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500 Word Essay

My Messerschmitt Aircraft Pages:

Birds of War: The Messerschmitt's Effect on World War II
Willy Messerschmitt: A Short Biography
The Messerschmitt Bf109
The Messerschmitt Komet
The Messerschmitt Me262
The Importance of the Messerschmitt
The Bibliography Page

    When I was in the fifth grade, I went to the Orange County Swap Meet and my parents purchased a picture to go in my room. This picture depicted the Messerschmitt Me109 flying in the Battle of Britain. Since then I always wanted to know more about the Messerschmitt that hung on my wall. I knew that the Messerschmitt Me109 was a German plane that flew in World War II. When I learned about the 1999 History Day projects theme, I was immediately inspired by the picture on my wall.

    The topic I chose relates to the 1999 History Day theme because the Messerschmitt airplanes were designed and created by another country and had an amazing effect on the world. Just like the microscopes' and telescopes' imapct on science and astronomy, the Messerschmitt was produced by the Germans and effected the world by changing combat aircraft designs. It provided the world with the first fighter jet and rocket-propelled aircraft.

    In order to collect research for the project, I went online to look for web sites and articles that told about Messerschmitt planes. To my surprise, there were many sites dedicated to these aircraft. Most of the sites I found focused primarily on one model of the plane so I had to search further to find other information about the Messerschmitt models included in my project. Once I found them, I began to research songs from that era to incorporate into my project. In order to get pictures, I went to all types of aircaft sites, found what I liked and saved them. While searching other sites, I located a Bf109 movie. I sent an email to the webmaster of that site in hopes that he would provide me with the video. As it turns out, the man's name was Matt McBole, and he is an avid Messerschmitt aircraft expert. Matt's movie clip is on the Bf109 page of my project. In addition, Matt also reviewed and cleared up any confusion I had in my research.

    After all the information and pictures were downloaded and saved, I went to, a web site provider that specializes in offering free web sites for its viewers and with the help of ShAdoow001, assembled this site. I uploaded my pictures, wrote the text, and placed music on the project according to the information and theme of that particular page.

    Now that my project is complete, I think the single most interesting thing I learned about the Meserschmitt aircraft, was that these planes set the standard for aircraft construction of the future. They introduced many styles and concepts to the aircraft industry and other manufactures learned from the Messerschmitts' inovative designs. Thanks to the Messerschmitts, we now have planes like the Stealth Bomber and the F-15. These state-of-the-art, modern day planes, were much like the Bf109 and Bf110 of the 1930's and 40's. The world has advanced greatly since the era of the Messerschmitts, but without them, aircraft flown today would be forever changed.