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I just had the most awesome summer in Japan. They have the best music and the funniest t.v. shows and the sweetest people! I'm currently setting up a photo album and diary of my trip so check back soon! Anyway, for those of you interested in learning Japanese, here are some of my fave sites:

Learning To Speak Japanese

CosCom Japanese Language School

Easy Web Japanese - lessons on conversational skills

Traveler's Japanese with Voice - voice recordings for common words and phrases

Free Japanese Lesson - tutorial for travel and greetings

Foreign Languages For Travelors(Japanese section) - easy lessons divided into groups with sounds - also a Japanese/English dictionary

Kanji's Japanese Home Page - words, idioms, and compounds - not recommeded for beginners

Learning To Read & Write Japanese

Japanese Writing Tutor - virtual workbook for learning kana and kanji

Introduction to Japanese Language - words, sentences and stories in Japanese

Teach Yourself Japanese - easy and effective lessons for hiragana and katakana

Joyo 96 - lessons and charts for kana and kanji

Learning Japanese Slang

Japanese slang you won't find in a dictionary - slang in dictionary style

The Alternative Japanese Dictionary - another slang dictionary

Japanese Street Slang - select phrases from the book by Peter Constantine

Japanese Slang For Ya - the latest Japanese slang

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