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Shout Out to my Steez...

First off, Peace to the gods and the Earths. One Love. Peace and love always to my greatest general, Allah mighty Allah. Thanks to everyone for tolerating and putting up with the pressence of K Dawg ONE in there lives. Mad shout outs to all my hommies from the East, T. Dot, The midwest, Northwest Connect. "Whatsup" to all my dawgs from Sk8 Chat. Sulli, Tha Doggfather (my brotha from a different motha), -AllOut-WarFare-/Domination, -=[/\SNIPER/\]=-, ~`BlAdErBaBe`~, Sacrifice (calling Car 57...), M1DN1T3 J0K3R, ()Ǯ(), [UNLOCK] (*NSFR* 'Down For Killing'), 6th, lachie, val738, ɡ׷, Large props to -=KADAFI=- for bein the brain of my shit (Without you, I'm just a dumbass with a computer), thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site and thanks for the continued support, to all the little dawgs who played big roles...I appreciate you. Special thanks to Krylon for making dope-ass spray paint (theres the plug, send my free shit to K Dawg ONE, P.O. Box...). Everyone else I forgot, ya'll know who you are...One Love. PEACE! Keepin it real... K Dawg ONE
"Old dirt dawg but I'm not dawged out!"