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**Disclaimer:Ok, I know I stole this idea from Transworld SKATEboarding, but, who cares?**

Last dream you had:
Last nite I drempt I was doing a big graff piece with all my hommies when these old people called the popo on us. We hoped in our ride and went to Burger King and the police were there waiting for us. This female cop got out of the car and handed all of us a REALLY big bagel, except the driver cause she wanted to talk to him. I looked at it, then at her, and she said, "What? Do you want a sub from Subway?" I said that the bagel was fine and left. I then woke up. Weird.
Last time you felt sick:
The other nite when I drank a 1L carton of chocolate milk too quickly.
Last time you had a haircut:
About a month ago. Sneeks buzzed my hair. No long haired hippiness here, just clean cut OG style!
Last song you listened to:
"9th Chamber" by Inspectah Deck feat. La the Darkman, Barretta 9, Killa Sin and Street Life.
Last time you were scared shitless:
Everyday at work. We dont know the concept of "Safe Work Environment".[Laughs]
Last time you were close to a nervous breakdown:
Last trick you landed:

A sock-footed ollie in my room when i set up my new board.
Last CD you bought:

Paul Oaknefold "Tranceport".
Last song you listened to:

"9th Chamber" by Inspectah Deck feat. La the Darkman, Barretta 9, Killa Sin and Street Life.
Last book you read:

"Monster: Diary of an L.A. Gang Member" by Sanyika Shakur (AKA Monster Kody Scott)
Last time you skated:

Yesterday in my room.
Last magazine you read:

Transworld SKATEboarding, Volume 18 number 5, May 2000, Gasbag
Last piece of clothing you bought:

Gold emroided Osiris jersey for $100 plus tax (Canadaian!)
Last movie you rented:

"Detroit Rock City". Knights In Satan's Service!
Last movie you went to:

"The Hurricane" starring Denzel Washington
Last concert you saw:

I dunno. Probably some bar show. I saw Metallica S&M on Much Music the other nite.
Last time you left Woodstock:

I went to a house party in London for New Years.
Last skate video you saw:

Landspeed "CKY". Does that count as a skate video?
Last video part you saw that stoked you:

I saw a few seconds of Peter Smolik's part in the Osiris video "The Storm".
Last time you stole:

I stole an "Auto Trader" from the 7Eleven.
Last time you broke the law:

I jaywalked on the way home from the 7Eleven.
Last thing that changed your life:

My break-up with my ex-gurlfriend. It really hurt. One year, and living together for seven months. [Sighs]
Last time you got hurt:

Today at work. I scraped my knuckle on the wooden nipple of a manequin.
Last time you saw God:

Yesterday. He works at Burger King.
Last good tip someone gave you:

"Try the Rodeo Burger!"
Last time you felt ripped off:

When I finished my rodeo burger and I was still hungry.
Last time you fought someone:

Last March. I kicked the crap out of someone who was talking shit about my gurl and my sis.
Last person you'd be seen with:

Regis Philbin..."Is that your final answer?" [Laughs]
Last place on earth you'd travel to:

Anywhere where J.H. is.
Last thing you bought at 7Eleven:

A Jolt Cola, Tatto Planet and Reese Peanut Butter Cups.
Last time you fell in love:

Lats time you said sorry:

I never screw up, so I dont need to apologize. [Laughs] Seriously, I cant remember.
Last board setup:

A-Team Gershon Mosely. I only ride Gersh's boards.
Last time you lied:

When I said i saw God. It was just a Deciple...