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World Mythology

This is a section with mythology from all around the world. All of it is written by yours truly (oooooooh, aaaaaaaah). I included this to give you an idea of all of the different gods and goddesses from around the world and a bit of what they were like so that you can evoke them during ritual, or just read this as general interest. Remember, you can always e-mail me to tell me how much you've enjoyed reading this and BEG me to put more up as soon as possible. *just kidding* (sort of) ;-)

Please keep checking back, as I'll be constantly adding more mythology to these pages

Mythology Mailing List

I've started up a mythology mailing list due to popular demand, in order to let people know when there's new mythology up in here, or whenever I re-create some myths that I won't be putting up in here. If you want to be put on this list, e-mail me (with your name and e-mail address) to:

and I'll add you on.

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Greek Mythology
Egyptian Mythology
Finnish Mythology
Norse Mythology
Babylonian Mythology
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