My Pic Page

Here are my pics.


This is a pic of me when I wuz testin for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. It was taken during the month of Oct. 97'. I was 6 ft 0 in then but now I am almost 6 ft 3 in. In November of 97' I finally recieved my black belt from Ernie Reyes Sr. himself.

Me and My Fam

This iz a pic of me and my aunt and my uncle. It was taken when I was 14, and we were in a hotel room at vegas. I am seen sportin' my southpole jacket, and my menace pants. Southpole and Boss are my two fav. brands. I am also wearing my old shoes which r tha Fila Grant Hill IV'z.

Me and My Friendz

This pic was taken at our End of the Year school dance on May, 28 1998. My Friend Ross is as tall as me, and getz better grades. He's hella smart, and we're both Persian. My Friend Sherwin is into WWF Wrestling and is the biggest DX Fan. He also likes NWO'z Scott Hall. Matt isn't really my friend, he'z more of sherwin'z friend.

My Friendz

This iz Ara, who iz one of my best friendz. I've known him since I wuz in tha 1st Grade, This pic was taken at our middle school on Feb. 7th, 1997. That was the day of Graduation picz. After Middle School he went to a different high school then me, but since we only live a block away from each other, we kick it alot.

This is my friend Joe. He always wearz tha coolest shirtz and we went through basketball conditioning together. He is into programming, warez, cracking, and things like that.This pic was taken during Freshman Orientation in August of 1997.

This iz my friend Ross, who iz also in dat otha pic wit me. The girl next to him is his friend, but not his girlfriend. I haven't seen Ross lately since I know go to a different school then I did las' year.

This is Sarah. She lives in South Cali. She listens to rock and her favorite station is K-ROQ. Her Fav. actor is Nicholis Cage, and she her fav. food is anythang from Taco Bell. She's almost two years older than me. Her Birthday is on Nov. 24.She also thinkz I'm good lookin'. ( she wrote it in the guest book )

This is my friend Kaylie. She lives in Ontario, Canada. She likes to snowboard, hang out wit her friendz, watch cheap porn, do stupid thangz, and to party. She hates it when people try too hard, and talk bout stuff they know nuttin bout. She likes to eat at Mc Donaldz. and She luvz all of Adam Sandlerz moviez.