Ibn Al Xu’ffasch

Name: Ibn Al Xu’ffasch/Christopher Wayne
Age: 24
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 195lbs
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Haley Wayne (The Flash, wife), Bruce Wayne (Father, Deceased) Talia (Mother, deceased) Ra’s Al Ghul (Grandfather, Deceased?) Thomas Warner (Adopted Father, deceased) Martha Warner (Adopted Mother, deceased), Unnamed half-siblings
Group Affiliation: Batman, Inc.
Base of Operations: Gotham
D.O.B.: Unknown for sure, 1996 is the year of birth. He doesn’t celebrate his birthday anyway.


During one of Bruce Wayne’s battles against his arch enemy Ra’s Al Ghul, he would, for a short time, align himself with the Demon, against a common threat. During this short alliance, before Ra’s Al Ghul’s inevitable betrayal, Wayne finally had a chance to become closer to Talia, one of the few women Bruce Wayne ever truly loved. While their affair was short lived, it was powerful, and unknown to Bruce, he would give her a child.

Talia hid her pregnancy from her beloved, and her father, and chose to go into hiding from all involved during this time. A year later, when she finally gave birth, Talia gave the baby up for adoption, before returning to her father’s criminal empire. No one was ever aware of the child. Even his date of birth had been lost to time.

For the next ten years, the child would be adopted, and raised by a family from Pennsylvania, the Warners, who raised him well. Christopher was a gifted child, good in sports, and was several years ahead in his classes. His parents, Thomas and Martha, were in awe of their child. But they did not know that Christopher had come from a very gifted family.

It was when Christopher was ten when, half a world away, Ra’s and Talia had a falling out. During this time, Talia, during a heated argument with her father, told him about her secret pregnancy many years before. Ra’s become obsessed with finding his grandson, the male heir he had so longed desired. Ra’s searched the world for the child, looking for any child who would match a physical, mental, and emotional profile his psychologists came up for a child of Wayne and Talia. Finally, after many failures, and many deaths, Ra’s found Christopher.

Christopher’s parents would be killed by a mugger one night, in front of Christ. The assassin, ordered by Ra’s to kill the parents, but not the child, did his job perfectly. Shortly after, as Christopher was stuck back into an orphanage, he was soon adopted by a mysterious benefactor, who of course, would turn out to be Ra’s.

Ra’s brought Chris to his mansion in the Middle East, and began to raise Christopher as his own. Christopher was given everything he ever desired, and was slowly inducted into Ra’s empire. Ra’s believed that since Chris was still so young, he would be easily converted to his beliefs. This would not hold, as Chris would be turn out to be as stubborn and strong minded as both his parents.

Over time, Ra’s introduced Chris too the Lazarus pit, and at the age of thirteen, Christopher took his first dip into the pit. This would slow down his aging greatly, as well as increasing Christopher’s natural strength and speed. Ra’s was unsure of the results of using the pit on one so young, but that, unsurprisingly, did not stop Ra’s.

Over the years, Christopher was slowly becoming his Grandfather’s son, despite his great will, he was finally succumbing to Ra’s training, especially due to the trips to the Lazarus Pit. It would be when Anarky came into Ra’s fold that things changed for Christopher and his role in the Demon’s empire. Anarky discovered the origins of Christopher, including the part where Ra’s had Christopher’s adopted parents killed. Anarky decided to, thru subtle means, leak this information to Christopher. Christopher, devastated that Ra’s was the one who had killed his parents, left, shortly after killing Ra’s, by trapping his Grandfather in the Lazarus, and letting him go slowly mad as he drowned in the liquid.

Christopher, now knowing whom his real father was, from Anarky’s leak, left. He then, using his knowledge of computers, made a new identity for himself, in honor of his father, Ibn Al Xu’ffasch. He returned to America, where he enrolled himself into Knight Academy, where even though he was already past high school age, he wanted to learn how to be a hero. He told the instructors simply that he was the child of Batman, the REAL Batman, and paid the money upfront, money he had taken with him from Ra’s.

For a time Ibn was part of the Knight Academy, and their Young Justice program as well. He graduated in only two years, covering every class he needed very quickly. During this time, he would also meet Haley, the woman who would over time, manage to break thru his walls and touch his heart.

After Ibn left the Knight Academy in 2015, he chose to join the Watchmen, as suggested by his old friend Anarky, who Ibn still kept in contact with, at that time. The Watchmen seemed to Ibn to be more effective then past super hero teams, one that got the problem solved efficiently instead of playing out battles in spandex. Later, he would bring his close friend from Knight Academy, Kal Armorr, into the Watchmen as well.

Powers: Ibn due to the Lazarus Pit, is much stronger and faster then any normal human, reaching low levels of super human abilities. He is also a very skilled fighter and martial artist, due to his training from Ra’s.

But it is Ibn’s mind that is his greatest weapon. He got both his father’s and grandfather’s intellect. He is very cunning and ruthless, and is also able to understand the psychology of his opponents with ease. Most often, he is the tactician of the Watchmen.

Ibn also prefers not to advertise his existence to the criminal community, feeling that he could work quite effectively as a double agent.

Appearance: Ibn is a very attractive Middle Eastern gentleman, who usually wears the most expensive suits available.