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Gilligan's Island Character Trivia

What's Gilligan's first name? What is the Skipper’s full name? Which cast members aren’t specifically mentioned in the theme song, i.e. “the rest”? Where did Thurston Howell III go to college? Which state is Mary Ann from? Which now famous actor played “Jungle Boy” in the episode “Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy”? In what subject did the Professor earn his master’s degree? What is Mrs. Howell’s first name? What was in the treasure chest that Gilligan dug up in the episode “Plant You Now, Dig You Later?” Where did Mrs. Howell go to college? How many siblings does Gilligan have? How old was the Professor when he earned his PhD? What was Mary Ann’s occupation back at home? In the episode “ ‘V’ is for Vitamins,” the son of which cast member played Gilligan in the dream sequence where he is in the house of the giant?