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Mysteries of Gilligan's Island

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Have you ever thought about the answers to them?

How do Gilligan and the Skipper  keep their shirts from fading?

-They brought 53 (assuming one shirt last 20 days if worn everyone of those days) of the
same shirts for the 3 hour tour

-The Professor created super color fast detergent for use on the island

-A crate full of the exact same shirts the Skipper and Gilligan wear washed up on the

-They continually dyed their shirts using wild island berries

-Every time one of their shirts got worn away, Mary Ann sewed them a new one using
palm tree fibers

Why did the Howells bring possibly millions of dollars on a three hour tour?

-Incase they got shipwrecked, they could use the money to hire someone to build them an
island resort

-They planned to stop by the bank after the tour to make a deposit

-The Skipper charges a million dollars per couple for a three hour tour

-They brought the wrong suitcase for the trip

-They're always prepared

-They're generous tippers 

Why can't  someone like the Professor get the castaways off the island?

-He doesn't want them to get off the island

-His brain got damaged when they got shipwrecked so he is actually a moron who uses
big words

-He's somehow related to Gilligan

More mysteries to come