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Detailed Episode Guide

Episodes 50-98

50. **Mine Hero**
While fishing, Gilligan finds a World War II era mine. He accidently
activates the its. Though he then tries to deactivate it, Gilligan fails and
drags it into the lagoon to let it detonate. When he drags it far enough away,
it follows him as he makes his way back to shore. Gilligan then starts paddling like
crazy to escape it.

51. **Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue**
Ms. Erika Tiffany Smith lands on the island looking for a place to build a hotel. The castaways 
see her and her boat as an opportunity to leave the island, and so try to accommodate 
her wishes. She then leaves the island without getting the island's proper coordinates.  
When she reaches civilization and tries to explain how to get to the island, no one is able to 
understand her vague and crazy directions. 

52. **Not Guilty**
The Skipper and Gilligan find a newspaper claiming that one of the castaways is
responsible for the murder of Robert Blake (another person on the boat?). Then they 
recreate the night when one of the castaways allegedly committed the murder. Through
their reenactions, they discover that Blake was accidently killed.

53. **You've Been Disconnected**
A telephone line washes up on the island. The Professor thinks that if he could tap into
the line, he can call for help. He then burns a hole in the line and makes a matching
telephone. The castaways ring various numbers around the world, looking for someone
who speaks English. When they finally reach someone who speaks English, they get 
disconnected when they fail to deposit the 25 cents necessary to make the call.  
They give up for the day, as a storm approaches the island. When it passes, the 
telephone line is washed away.
54. **The Postman Cometh**
The castaways discover that Mary Ann's former boyfriend has gotten married.

55. **Seer Gilligan**
Gilligan discovers seeds that enables him to read peoples' minds. He gives everyone a
bag of seeds hoping they will improve relations on the island, but the seeds eventually 
cause anger and frustration. Consequently, Gilligan sets the bush on fire to remedy
the problems its seeds caused.

56. **Love Me, Love My Skipper**
The Skipper becomes unhappy when he is excluded from a party the Howell's give.

57. **Gilligan's Living Doll**
Gilligan finds a robot and thinks it can help rescue them. The professor thinks up the idea
of programming the island's coordinates in the robot and sending it to civilization. The
castaways succeeding in getting the robot to land, but when it gets there, its memory is 
ruined because of a rabbit's foot Gilligan put in it for good luck.
58. **Forward March**
Mr. Howell creates an army to defend the castaways from a mysterious attacker who
turns out to be an ape. They locate the cave where the ape gets his weapons and when
Gilligan goes in the cave to remove the weapons, he the ape traps him in the cave. 
59. **Ship Ahoax**
The castaways get sick of each other.

60. **Feed the Kitty**
A caged lion washes up in the lagoon and Gilligan befriends it. The rest of the castaways,
however, feel threatened by it. Gilligan and the lion consequently move to the other end 
of the island. When Gilligan runs out of food for the lion, he puts it a cage after it gets
unruly. It later gets washed away.

61. **Operation: Steam Heat**
The Professor fears that the steam rising from the island is an indication of impeding 
volcanic activity. He builds a bomb to be detonated in the volcano, hoping that this will
prevent an eruption. Gilligan ends up inside the volcano with the bomb, and barely
escapes it's blast. The volcano blows up anway, but the eruption is reserved, as the 
volcano sucks up its ash and lava.

62. **Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?**
The castaways hear on the radio that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending the
real Mr. Howell's money rapidly. The Mr. Howell imposter then lands on the island and
assumes Mr. Howell's identity. After a dispute over who the real Mr. Howell is, the
imposter escapes then reassumes Mr. Howell's identity. 
63. **Ghost a Go-Go**
A person lands on he island and tries to scare the castaways off the island by dressing up
as a ghost and making ghostly noises.  He provides a boat with a message telling the to
castaways to get off the island.  The castaways make replicas of themselves and send
them out to the lagoon in the boat.  Once the replicas are out in the lagoon, the boat
blows up.  The castaways dress up in white sheets and scares off the unwelcome visitor.

64. **Allergy Time** 
The Skipper finds out that he is allergic to Gilligan.  A little while later the rest become
allergic to Gilligan causing him to move to a cave on another part of the island.  The
Professor comes up with a cure for their allergies and gives it to everyone.  Gilligan
returns and discovers that they are actually allergic to his coconut detergent.
65. **The Friendly Physician**
The castaways are brought to a mad scientist's island.  They are chained up and await for
experiments to be conducted on them.  Their minds are switched in one the scientist's
machine.  Mary Ann's mind is put in one of the scientist's creations and she breaks off her
chains and frees the rest.  They put the minds of the scientist and his assistant in a cat's
and dog's body then escapes the island.

66. **"V" for Vitamins**
The Professor concludes that the castaway's health will be threatened by a shortage of
vitamin C starting from the heaviest to the lightest.  Gilligan finds one orange left and it
dries up as the castaways argue over who it belongs to.  The Professor plants the orange
seeds and has the castaways take turns keeping the torches which warm up the seeds lit. 
The torches go out, but Gilligan brings a basket of other citric fruits available on the

67. **Mr. and Mrs. ???**
Mr. and Mrs. Howell discover from a radio broadcast their marriage is not valid because
the person who married them was not a valid minister.  They take a raft out into the
lagoon where the Skipper will remarry them.  The wedding turns out to be a disaster so
Mrs. Howell calls it off.  Later, the Howells find out they are legally married because the
radio broadcaster mentioned the wrong minister in the earlier broadcast which
proclaimed them to be unmarried.

68.  **Meet the Meteor**
A meteor lands on the island which causes everything around it to age.  Gilligan notices
that a young tree has become full grown over night and the Professor ties the aging to the
meteor.  The castaways attempt to blow-up the meteor during an approaching lightning
storm.  They make a lightning rode out of bamboo and melted lead.  When the lightning
storm comes, Gilligan grabs the lightning rode right when the lightning strikes and
throws it at the meteor, blowing it up.

69. **Up At Bat**
Gilligan is bitten by a bat and fears he has been turned into a Vampire.  He starts getting
the urge to bite people's necks.  He is cured when the Professor reveals to him that the bat
which bit him was a fruit bat.

70. **Gilligan vs. Gilligan**
A spy resembling Gilligan from a foreign nation visits the island.  He runs into Gilligan
and hits over the head with rock and ties him up.  The spy assumes Gilligan's identity and
then tries to get secrets out of the castaways.  After he sees that the mission is not a
success, he leaves.
71. **Pass the Vegetables Please**
Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive seeds in the lagoon.  The vegetables from the seeds
turn out to be deformed, but edible.  After eating the radioactive carrots, Mary Ann is
able to see objects far away.  After eating the radioactive spinach, Gilligan has increased
strength.  After eating the radioactive sugarbeets, Mrs. Howell has increased agility. 
When the Professor finds out the vegetables are radioactive, he makes everyone eat their
homemade soap to constrict the radioactive poisoning.

72. **The Producer**
A famous producer, Herald Hecuba lands on the island.  Ginger tries to auditions for him,
but he ignores her and insults her acting.  The castaways put on a production of a musical
version of Hamlet.  After viewing the play Herald Hecuba leaves the island and uses the
musical Hamlet idea as his own.  

73. ** Voodoo**
A native comes to Gilligan's island and makes voodoo dolls of everybody. He takes a
possession from everybody to activate the voodoo dolls.  Strange things start to happen to
everybody.  Mary Ann and Ginger suddenly feel heat from under of their foot.  The
Professor freezes in place while telling everybody how silly voodoo and curses are.
Gilligan finds their possessions and voodoo dolls in a cave.  Now that they have their
possessions back, the strange things stop happening.  

74. **Where There's a Will**
Mr. Howell makes out his will and leaves expensive gifts to all of the castaways. 
Suddenly he thinks everyone is trying kill him.  Mr. Howell over hears the Professor
talking about killing an old boar which he trapped for a feast honoring Mr. Howell.  He
gets the idea that the Professor was referring to him as the old boar and goes into hiding. 
After a long search, the castaways find Mr. Howell's hat in quicksand and proclaim him
to be dead.  Mr. Howell shows up at his funeral and the castaways explain that they were
planning a party for him.

75. **Man With a Net**
Lord Beasly lands on the island in search of a rare butterfly. The castaways help him look
for it because Lord Beasly plans to stay on the island until the butterfly is found.  They
search every corner of the island end up with sore feet. The Skipper gets a large white
moth and paints the colors of the rare butterfly on it.  Lord Beasly is satisfied with it until
the colors wear off of the moth because of rain.  The castaways plot to get Lord Beasly
drunk then steal his flares to single the rescue boat. The castaways end up drunk and
asleep while Lord Beasly is wide awake. While visiting the castaways who are still
asleep, Lord Beasly notices the butterfly he is looking for is on top of Gilligan's head.  He
captures  it then tries to wake the castaways up to prepare their departure from the island,
but fails to do so. He leaves the island headed for Antarctica in search of an even rarer

76. **Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow**
Gilligan's hair turns white overnight.  The Professor dyes Gilligan's Hair, but it falls off so
Gilligan moves into a cave on another part of the island.  The Skipper's hair falls off to so
he comes to live with Gilligan in the cave.  Later, it was discovered that a shampoo was
cause of Gilligan and the Skipper's baldness.

77. **Ring Around Gilligan**
A mad scientist lands on the island looking for people to be his slaves.  He gets the
castaways to put on rings that enable him to control his mind.  The mad scientist has the
castaways drive him around and collect coconuts.  The castaways realize they are being
control by the rings so they drive the mad scientist with coconut.

78. **Topsy-Turvy**
Gilligan hits his head and sees double.  The Professor tries to cure Gilligan with special
berry juice, but his vision gets worse.  Natives land on the island and kidnap everyone
except Gilligan and lock them in a cage.  Gilligan tricks the natives into drinking the
berry juice.  Once the natives see triple, the castaways scare them off the island.

79. **The Invasion**
Gilligan fishes in a U.S. Governs briefcase.  The Professor believes that their are lives are
in danger because foreign enemies might be trying to look for the briefcase.  Gilligan
accidently locks the briefcase to his wrist.  Once Gilligan gets the briefcase off his wrist,
he throws it in the lagoon and it blows up.

80  **The Kidnapper**
A kidnapper lands on the island and kidnaps Mrs. Howell.  After Mr. Howell pays a
ransom for Mrs. Howell, the kidnapper releases her and kidnaps one of the other women. 
He does that until all of the women have been kidnapped.  Gilligan waits in the jungle to
be kidnapped while the Skipper hinds waiting to capture the kidnapper.  The kidnapper is
captured, but is released after he convinces to the castaways he is reformed.  He steal
some jewelry and other valuables from the castaways and leaves the island.

81. **And Then There Were None**
Gilligan believes he responsible for the disappearance of the women.

82. **All About Eva**
Eva Grub lands on he island looking to get away from all men.  She gives the castaways
her boat on the condition that they leave her alone.  Gilligan accidently tells her that they
plan to send a rescue boat for her once they get to civilization so she takes a part of the
boat the castaways need to operate it.  Ginger and Mary Ann give Eva a make over
hoping she will want to get back to civilization once she sees how attractive she is.  After
they are done with her, she looks exactly like Ginger.  Eva bounds and gags Ginger and
assumes he identity.  After Ginger is free, Eva has already left with the boat.

83. **Gilligan Goes Gung Ho**
The castaways decide the need law and order.  The Skipper is appointed as the Sheriff
and Gilligan is his deputy.  The Professor has discovered special rocks that will allow
him to signal a plane that is planning to pass the island.  The power starts to get to
Gilligan and he arrests all of the castaways.  The rescuers pass over the island, but leave
because the Professor was unable to single them.  Once the Skipper gets free, he
imprisons Gilligan for preventing their rescue.

84. **Take a Dare**
George Barkley lands on the island hoping to win $10,000 if he can stay on the island
himself.  The Skipper and Gilligan find Mr. Barkley talking to a radio announcer from
the "Take a Dare" contest, but he disconnects the radio once he discovers them.  Later,
the castaways see Mr. Barley talking to the radio announcer again, but he throws the
radio off the cliff and leaves the island.  What he didn't know was the $10,000 was in the
85. **Court-Martial**
The Skipper is blamed for the shipwrecking of the S.S. Minow

86. **The Hunter**
Jonathan Kinkaid lands on the island looking for someone to hunt.  Mr. Kinkaid decides
to hunt Gilligan and will let him live if he can elude him for 24 hours.  Gilligan is able
escapes Mr. Kinkaid, but Kinkaid refused to take the castaways back to civilization
because he is afraid the castaways would alert the authorities of his human hunting.

87. **Lovey's Secret Admirer**
Mrs. Howell receives love letter from a secret admirer. 

88. **Our Vines Have Tender Apes**
An ape-man steals the castaways' supplies.

89. **Gilligan's Personal Magnetism**
Gilligan becomes invisible because of lightning striking him.  The Professor  gives
Gilligan a treatment that will make him visible again and then wraps him up in bandages. 
Mary Ann sees Gilligan and screams while grabbing his bandages.  Gilligan runs away
causing for the bandages to unravel.  Gilligan doesn't come back and the other castaways
talk about how much they miss him.  The castaways notice a pear moving and realize
Gilligan has been there all along.  The Skipper tries to get Gilligan, but he moves then
laughs.  Suddenly he becomes visible again and the castaways chase him through the

90. **Splashdown**
The castaways prepare logs to single a space ship that will pass over their island.  They
use burning logs to spell SOS., but the logs are not in the right position.  They ended up
spelling Sol, the name of one of the astronauts.  The space ship passed before they can fix
their mistake.

91. **High Man on the Totem Pole**
Gilligan discovers a head on top of a totem pole that looks exactly like his.  He then
thinks he is related to a tribe of head hunters.  Gilligan goes to the totem pole and chops
off the head on top of it.  The Professor discovers the head hunters have come back so he
dresses Gilligan up to look like the totem pole head so he can send the head hunters
away.  The head hunter kidnap everyone except Gilligan.  Gilligan comes to the head
hunters as the head on the totem pole and demands for the castaways to be released.  The
head hunters get suspicious of Gilligan so he runs away.  Gilligan accidently trips behind
the totem pole and knocks he head out from behind it.  The head hunters think they have
beheaded him so they run away.

92. **The Second Ginger Grant**
Mary Ann trips and falls.  She wakes up thinking she is Ginger. Ginger dress like Mary
Ann so Mary Ann won't have any psychological damage. The Professor tries to hypnotize
Mary Ann back to her old self, but makes Gilligan think he is Mary Ann.  Mary Ann
preforms for the castaways and falls in the middle of the performance.  She wakes up as
her old self again.

93. **The Secret of Gilligan's Island**
The castaways find pieces of a stone tablet belonging to an ancient civilization.  The
Professor thinks it shows a way to get off the island.  When all of the pieces are put
together, the Professor realizes it shows a way to get to the island.

94. **Slave Girl**
Gilligan saves a native girl from drowning in the lagoon.  She then becomes his slave, but
Gilligan isn't so happy about it.  The native girl's old master along with his associates
come to the island to reclaim her.  He challenges Gilligan in a fight to the death.  The
Professor injects Gilligan with a poison that will make him appear to dead so the natives
will take the girl and leave.  Instead of leaving, they plan a funeral for Gilligan where he
will be burned.  During the ceremony, Gilligan wakes up.  The natives bow down to him
because they believe he a fire god.  Gilligan realizes his pants are on fire so he runs
around trying to put them out.  The natives believe they have done something to angry
him so they run away in fear.

95. **It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan!**
The castaways find a jetpack belonging to the U.S. Government.  They make a dummy
and plan to send the it along with a rescue message to Hawaii.  Gilligan accidently turns
the jetpack on and it sends him across the lagoon.  Now they don't have enough fuel to
get the dummy to Hawaii.  They hear on the radio that the navy is sending a search team
to find the jetpack so they have Gilligan fly up in the sky to catch their attention. 
Gilligan flies into some clouds causing for it to rain and send the search team away. 
Gilligan feels bad about driving the search team away so he put on the jet pack and
attempts to fly to Hawaii, but he forgets to put the restraints on so the jetpack flies away.

96. **The Pigeon**
A messenger pigeon comes to the island bringing a message from a prisoner.  The
castaways send rescue messages to the prisoner, but he thinks it a joke.  To prove they are
serious, they send a photo of themselves shipwrecked.  The message arrives to the
prisoner, but he is released from jail before he can see the photo.

97. **Bang!  Bang!  Bang!**
The castaways stumble upon plastic explosives.  They use it to make dishes, nails, golf
balls,  and fillings for Gilligan.  An ape starts to collect their plastic objects.  The
castaways realizes the hardened plastic explodes on impact when the ape uses the plastics
to attack them.  They get all the plastic and bury it, but the ape finds it.  It climbs on top
of a hut and throws all of the plastic items at them.  Gilligan climbs a latter against the
hut in an attempt to stop the ape when he suddenly sneezes.  His fillings fly out and blow
up he hut, sending the ape in they sky.

98. **Gilligan, the Goddess**
Natives come to the island looking for a White Goddess.  The chief of natives promise
that he will bring the castaways to his island where they will have a better chance of
getting rescued when he finds a White Goddess.  After the castaways find out the natives
plan to throw the Goddess in their volcano, Gilligan dresses up a women in order to be
chosen as the white Goddess.  The native chief becomes fond of Gilligan and plans to
keep him for himself and throw a dummy in the volcano.  Gilligan gets uncomfortable
and takes off his White Goddess disguise while the chief steps outside the hut.  The chief
comes back and discovers his White Goddess is gone.  He assumes the Volcano God took
her away to punish him so he leaves the island right away.

Episodes 1-49