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Detailed Episode Guide

Episodes 1-49

 1.**Two on a Raft** 
The Skipper and Gilligan attempt to get help by sailing of the island on their homemade
raft. After the raft falls apart they end up where they started, but don't realize it.  They
find traces of people on the island and assume they belong to natives.  The rest of the
castaways think that the new visitors on the island who are actually the Skipper and
Gilligan are natives. They build a trap in a cave. At the end the trap traps everybody and
the Skipper and Gilligan find out they ended up on the same island.
 2. **Some Sweet Hut**
The castaways build a storm shelter because they fear a storm will hit the island. 

 3.**Voodoo Something to Me**
Strange things start to happen on the island. Gilligan and the Skipper believe it is the
work of voodoo.

 4.**Good Night, Sweet Skipper**
The castaways hear that a plane is planning to fly over their island and they want to
communicate a rescue message to the person in the plane, but their transmitter is broken.
Gilligan over hears the Skipper dreaming about fixing the transmitter. The Skipper is
unable to remember how he fixed it in his dreams and can't fall asleep again. So
everybody tries to drug him to sleep.  He ends up taking 8 or so tranquilizers because
everyone puts two in his mango drink.  The Skipper is fixing the transmitter in his
dreams when he is woken up by the sound of Gilligan spitting out water.  The plane is
flying over the island and the transmitter is still broken, but Gilligan hits it and it
suddenly works. He runs tells everybody. Then he demonstrates what he did to make it
work.  That causes the transmitter parts to fall out. So Gilligan tell everyone that  he must
have just imaged it.

 5. **Wrongway Feldman**
Gilligan stubbles on an old plane which belongs to Wrongway Feldman who is also
stranded on the island.  Everyone pitches in and repairs his plane. When it is done
Wrongway cuts one of the bars which holds up the wing because he is afraid to fly.
Gilligan feels that he could fly the plane so Wrongway teaches him. Gilligan discovers
the plane is gone then looks up and sees Wrongway flying.  The Professor put a rescue
note in the plane, but when Wrongway made a loop, the note fell out.    

 6. ** President Gilligan**
The castaways decide that they need leadership on the island so Mr. Howell, the Skipper,
the Professor, and Gilligan run for island president.  Mrs.Howell voted for Mr. Howell.
Everyone running voted for themselves. Gilligan wins the presidency because Mary Ann
and Ginger vote for him.

 7. ** Sound of Quacking**
Gilligan finds a duck in the lagoon. Everybody wants to eat it, but Gilligan refuses to part
with it. They decide to attach a rescue note to the duck, but the duck is unable to fly.
They help it get back in shape. Then they set the duck to fight, but the mission is

 8. **Good-Bye Island**
Gilligan finds tree sap which he uses as a pancake syrup.  It turns out to be super sticky.
The Professor gets the idea to use the tree sap to repair the minnow.  The minnow is all
finished and they are ready to leave when the tree sap starts to loosen.  After a while, the
entire ship falls apart.
9. ** The Big Gold Strike**
Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine and keeps it a secret from the rest of the castaways
except for Mrs. Howell.  He then hires Gilligan to work in the mine. When the rest of the
castaways discover the gold mine, they demand a share of it.  Mr. Howell refuses to give
them any so they try to mine themselves, but come up with nothing.  They then charge
outrageous prices for supplies Mr. Howell needs.  The life raft from the minnow is found
and repaired.  They are making their way into the lagoon when the raft sinks because of
the weight of gold they sneak on to the raft.

10 ** Waiting for Watubi**
While digging, the Skipper discovers a statue of Watubi a Tiki god. Bad things start to
happen to him and he believes it is because of Watubi. He takes it and buries it again, but
it turned up in his hut. The Skipper nows thinks he is ill from he curse of Watubi. The
only thing that could cure him is another god so Gilligan dresses up as that god. Gilligan
preforms a special ritual which the Skipper believes could relieve from his curse.

11. **Angel on the Island**
Mr. Howell decides to put on a play after Ginger gets homesick.  Mr. Howell makes
Ginger the of his play, Cleopatra.  Mrs. Howell gets jealous and convinces Mr. Howell to
make her the star.  Ginger is heart broken so Mrs. Howell pretends to lose her voice and
Ginger is once again the start. 

12. **Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk**
The castaways realize how much they miss their old life when Christmas comes.  Santa
Clads, who the castaways suspect to be the Skipper lands on the island grants the
castaways' wish for snow.  Right after Santa Clads leaves, the Skipper shows up with
firewood and bells ring in the background.

13. ** Three Million Dollars More or Less**
Gilligan wins 3 million dollars from Mr. Howell in a golfing challenge.  Mr. Howell
tricks Gilligan out of the money by trading him the money for a worthless oil well.  Later,
Gilligan hears on he radio that his once worthless oil well is worth millions.  Mr. Howell
challenges the Skipper to a game of pool and wins back the oil well from Gilligan.  The
oil well becomes worthless again Mr. Howell find out that the gusher came from a
stranded oil truck.

14.  **Water, Water Everywhere**
The castaway's water supplies run out so they look for more water. Their water supply
gets to about 5 gallons and they each get a few drops of water a day. Mr. and Mrs.
Howell, Mary Ann, and Ginger all steal some water, but the Skipper makes them return
it. Gilligan makes a stick to find water, but ends up poking a whole in the sack containing
the last of their water supply. When all hope is lost, Gilligan stubbles upon a wet frog. He
follows the frog to a underground spring. 

15.  **So Sorry, My Island Now**
A Japanese solder from World War II is found on the island. He captures everyone except
Gilligan and locks them up in cage. Gilligan finds them and frees them. Then Gilligan
takes the submarine and attempts to take it to Hawaii, but end up going around 
the lagoon.

16. ** Plant You Now, Dig You Later**
The castaways find a buried treasure chest.  When the castaways can't agree on who gets
the chest, Professor acts as the judge in a trail to decide who the chest belongs to.  He
rules that the chest belongs to everyone.  Just before the chest was going to be opened,
Mr. Howell buys everybody's part of the treasure.  When the chest is open, worthless
bowling balls are revealed.

17. ** Little Island, Big Gun**
uh......Mobsters visit Gilligan's Island.......

18. ** X Marks the Spot**
A deadly missile lands on the island.  Gilligan is chosen to disable it because he is the
only open who is able to fit in the missile.  When Gilligan gets out of the missile it
follows him

19. ** Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy** 
Gilliagn discovers a jungle boy and takes him to the rest. Gilligan notices that the jungle
boy is playing around a hole in the ground which lifts objects up. He shows the Professor.
The Professor says that it is either helium or hydrogen gas coming out of the hole. They
make a balloon out of the gas and plan to send someone in it to have them rescued.
Everyone is too heavy for the balloon to support them, so they send the jungle boy.

20. **St. Gilligan and The Dragon**
Then women move away from the men when they neglect to build huts for them. 
Gilligan and the Skipper dress as a monster in order to scare the women back.  As the
women are laughing at Gilligan and the Skipper, they notice a large creature behind
them.  Gilligan charges at it and pops what turns out to be a weather balloons.  

21. **Big Man on Little Stick**
A surfer from Hawaii is washed up on the island by a tsunami.  The castaways help him
recover so he could surf back to Hawaii.  He becomes ready and leaves the island with
the where abouts of the lost castaways.  They hear on a radio broadcast that the surfer
made it back, but is suffering from amnesia so he was unable o tell people of the

22. **Diamonds are an Ape's Best Friend**
An ape kidnaps Mrs. Howell.

23. **How to be a Hero**
The castaways help Gilligan become a hero.

24. **The Return of Wrongway Feldman**
The title speaks for itself.

25. **The Matchmaker**
Mrs. Howell becomes a matchmaker when she sees that some of the castaways make a
perfect couple. She sends flowers to Mary Ann so that Mary Ann would think Gilligan
sent them. Later Mrs.Howell and Mr.Howell decide to split up so the rest help bring them
back together.  Ginger has dinner with Mr. Howell to make Mrs. Howell jealous and the
Professor has dinner with Mrs. Howell to make Mr. Howell jealous

26. **Music Hath Charm**
The castaways form a band.  Natives from a near by island hear the music and attack the
castaways.  One by one they care captured by the natives.  The natives assemble the
castaways'  band so they can listen to them play  their music.

27. **New Neighbor Sam**
The castaways overhear a gang of mobsters talk about buried treasure.  Later they
discover the mobsters are actually a parrot.  The parrot leads the castaways to buried
treasure, which turns out to be a box of crackers.

28. **They're off and Running**
Mr. Howell and the Skipper start racing turtles. Mr. Howell's turtle always wins so he
replaces the Skipper's turtle with his turtle so the Skipper would win. When they raced
Mr. Howell still won. 

29. **Three to Get Ready**
Gillligan finds a magic amulet that is said to grant 3 wished to its finder.  Gilligan's first
wish, which was for a gallon of ice cream.  After the rest of the castaways, except for the
professor believe the amulet works, they ask Gilligan to wish them off the island. 
Gilligan makes his wish for them to get off the island.  Then a piece of the island with the
castaways breaks off and end up a flew feet from where it originally was.

30. **Forget Me Not**
The Professor tries to cure the Skipper's amnesia with hypnotism.

31. **Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?**
Gilligan's diary is discovered. The castaways read it and don't agree with the way Gilligan
wrote about the time the Japanese solder kidnapped them. They tell how it they
remember it. They confront Gilligan about the diary, but he says that it is not his real
diary. He tells them that he lost it, but it doesn't realize that it is his back pocket.

32. **Physical Fatness**
The Skipper and Gilligan plan to join the navy once they are rescued. While going over
the requirements the Skipper discovers that he is too heavy to join the navy. He goes on a
diet. Gilligan finds out he is too thin to join the navy. He starts eating everything he can. 
33. **It's Magic**
The castaways discover a trunk belonging to a magician. Ginger shows the rest how
certain tricks work. During a magic show Gilligan disappears, doesn't reappear because
he over heard them talking about how he always ruins everything. They later find him in
a cave and throw him a party so he feels appreciated.

34. **Good-Bye, Old Paint**
Dubov, a painter is discovered on the island. He left civilization because he got tired of
people critiquing his work. Dubov is given special treatment because the castaways hope
Dubov will give them his transmitter. The special treatment is getting them nowhere, so
Gilligan paints pictures and the rest pretend he is a genius. Dubov gets jealous and offers
Gilligan the transmitter if Gilligan will teach him how to paint. Dubov reveals the
location of the transmitter then leaves the island.  The transmitter turns out to be too rusty
and useless.

35. **My Fair Gilligan**
Mr. Howell makes Gilligan his son after he saves Mrs. Howell from a falling boulder. 
The Howells dress Gilligan up and teach him how to be a Howell.  Gilligan starts to miss
his old life so he tries to get Mr. Howell to release him from being his son.  After spilling
drinks on Mr. Howell and acting like a brat, Gilligan is released from being Mr. Howell's

36. **A Nose By Any Other Name**
Gilligan's nose gets bruised and swollen from being hit by a golf club. Gilligan fears that
it is broken and will not heal. The Professor has Ginger design movie star's noses to
replace Gilligan's old nose. When the noses was ready, the Professor pretended to give
Gilligan surgery. After a few days, the Professor took the bandages off and told Gilligan
it was only bruised.

Season 2  (1965 - 1966)
37. **Gilligan's Mother-in-Law**
Natives from a nearby island land on the island looking for a husband for their large
daughter.  They choose Gilligan as the husband.

38. **Beauty is and Beauty Does**
The castaways decide to have  beauty pageant. Gilligan is the only one without a favorite
for the winner so he becomes the judge. During the talent portion of the pageant,
Mr.Howell pours glue on the stage when it is Mary Ann turn and shots things at Ginger
when it is her turn to be on the stage. When it was Mrs. Howell's turn, the Professor
distorted the music. After the rounds were done, Gilligan chose an ape as the winner.

39. **The Little Dictator**
A leader from another nation lands on the island.

40. **Smile, You're on Mars Camera**
A camera that was supposed to land on Mars landed on the island. The castaways try to
communicate a rescue message though the camera. When the camera was operational
Gilligan caused for everyone to be covered in feathers so the people observing castaways,
thought that they were aliens.    

41. **The Sweepstakes**
Gilligan discovers that he has a winning sweeptsakes ticket worth millions. The Howells
let him into their elite club. Gilligan starts giving out present promises for when he gets
off the island. Mr. Howell discovers that the ticket is invalid, but still let Gilligan be apart
of his club.

42. **Quick Before it Sinks**
After measuring the water level of the island the Professor thinks the island is sinking. 
The castaways prepare for living on the seas by simulating the conditions of living on the
seas.  They build a hut with ropes on it to rock it back and fourth.  Later, the castaways
discover the island is not sinking because Gilligan tampered with the stick the Professor
was used to measure the island's water level.

43. **Castaway Pictures Presents**
The castaways find a crate full of movie making supplies. They decide to make a movie
depicting how they got stranded and how they are living on the island. They hope the
movie will be found so they could be rescued. They send the movie out to sea. Later, they
hear a report saying their movie won an award, but there is no one to claim it.

44. ** Agonized Labor**
Mr. and Mrs. Howell discover they are wiped out.  The castaways help them develop
skills for the working world.  After failing at everything they try to do, the Howells find
out they are not poor after all.

45. **Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet**
Two cosmonauts land on the island in their space capsule.  The castaways invite the
cosmonauts for drinks in a plan to get them drunk and hid in their space capsule.  After
the cosmonaut past out, Gilligan and the Skipper are appointed to hid in the capsule.  The
rest of the castaways sneak in the capsule, but the Skipper and Gilligan find them and
order them out.  The next day they discover the cosmonauts along with their capsule are

46. **Hi-Fi Gilligan**
Gilligan's mouth acts as a radio when he got hit in the mouth. Meanwhile, the Professor is
tracking a storm headed toward the island. Gilligan gets hit in the mouth again so he
loses his broadcasting abilities.  The castaways start to prepare a shelter in cave. Their
radio gets broken 

47. **The Chain of Command**
The Skipper looks for someone to replace him as Skipper. He chooses Gilligan and starts
training him on how to be a Skipper. Then the Skipper disappears, so Gilligan takes
charge. The castaways fear that natives have kidnapped the Skipper because a native hat,
which turns out to be one of Mrs. Howell's, was found by the lagoon. They build a trap to
capture the natives, but it ends up catching the Skipper. The Skipper explains that he
pretended he was missing to give Gilligan a chance to be the leader

48 . **Don't Bug the Mosquitoes**
The Mosquitoes land on the island. The castaways want them to call for help, but they
refuse to.  The girls form the Honey Bees hoping their talent will convince the
Mosquitoes to send for help.  The Mosquitoes see the Honey Bees preform and are
intimidated by their talent so they send for  a helicopter and leave without the castaways.   

49. **Gilligan Gets Bugged**
Gilligan is bitten by a bug and the Professor believes it is deadly.  Then the other
castaways start to get bitten as well. The Professor creates a vaccine that requires a large
needle for the injection.  Later the Professor discovers that the species of bug that bit
Gilligan is not deadly.

 Episodes 50-98