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"Demon" Class Dreadnaught

The Demon is the pride of the Amaru fleet. A new design, it was created to be the embodiement of all our superior knowledge , including quantum, stealth, and cloaking technologies. The vessel's clean lines and angular shape hint of it's lethality. The Demon is the centerpiece of our main battle groups, it's multi-role ability allows it to handle any mission tasked with. With these vessels on the loose, no star system is safe from us..

Crew: 180 total. 45 Judicators, 135 Enforcers


  • 216.0 Meters


  • 124.5 Meters


  • 85,000 tons

    Armor & Shielding:

  • Ultrasteel reactive Armor Level V. Type III Stealth Armor. High hull integrity. Four type II Multi-Adaptive Shield generators.


  • 20 Quantum Slipstream Engines giving a maximum speed of 18,000 sph for limited periods. Equivalent to Warp 9+.


  • Unlimited. Powered by a Quantum Reactor.


  • Integrated fire control system linked through the master computer. Full sensor and electronic counter measure suite. Long range sensor array. Level III Auxiliary control. Cloaking Device installed.


  • 9 large energy cannons in three three-barrelled turrets (Mk V Defense Grids). Approximately 60 Type V Enhanced Plasma Torpedoes in a triple launcher battery. Two inline, hull mounted Mk III Quantum Slicer Beams on either side of the fuselage.