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"Earthquake" Class Battleship

The Earthquake Class was designed to free up the responsibilities of the larger Demon Dreadnaughts. Kept in reserve fleets while the dreadnaughts are undertaking offensive missions, this ship is most often tasked with defense. However, it can also serve as command and control center for planetary invasion, and bombardment groups. It is in this role where it excels. It's heavy firepower, strong shielding, fast speed, and excellent communications allow this ship to be dominant on the space battlefield.

Crew: 144 total. 36 Judicators, 108 Enforcers


  • 166.6 Meters


  • 83.0 Meters


  • 65,000 tons

    Armor & Shielding:

  • Ultrasteel reactive Armor Level V. Type III Stealth Armor. High hull integrity. Four type II Multi-Adaptive Shield generators.


  • 15 Quantum Slipstream Engines giving a maximum speed of 20,000 sph for limited periods. Equivalent to Warp 10.


  • Unlimited. Powered by a Quantum Reactor.


  • Integrated fire control system linked through the master computer. Full sensor and electronic counter measure suite. Long range sensor array. Level III Auxiliary control.


  • 12 large energy cannons in four three-barrelled turrets (Mk V Defense Grids). Approximately 40 Type V Enhanced Plasma Torpedoes in dual launcher tubes. One inline, hull mounted Mk III Quantum Slicer Beam.