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"Pain" Class Battlecruiser

The most commonly used heavy ship, the Pain Class battlecruiser is a very flexible unit indeed. With the benefit of a cloaking device, stealth armor, and a fusion reactor this ship can now perform a variety of missions. Routinely used in covert operations, though it is optimized for direct space conflict. Occasionally used as a flagship in smaller fleets, this ship is invaluable due to it's multi-role capabilities.


  • 72 total. 18 Judicators, 54 Enforcers


  • 100.0 Meters


  • 50.0 Meters


  • 45,000 tons

    Armor & Shielding:

  • Ultrasteel reactive Armor Level V. Type III Stealth Armor. High hull integrity. Three type X Phased-Shield generators.


  • 12 Quantum Slipstream Engines giving a maximum speed of 20,000 sph for limited periods. Equivalent to Warp 10.


  • Unlimited. Powered by a Quantum Reactor.


  • Integrated fire control system linked through the master computer. Full sensor and electronic counter measure suite. Long range sensor array. Level III Auxiliary control. Level V Cloaking Device.


  • 12 large energy cannons in four three-barrelled turrets (Mk V Defense Grids). One inline, hull mounted Mk III Quantum Slicer Beam.