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"Assassin" Class Destroyer

Typically found in small squadrons consisting of 4-5 ships, the Assassin Class was created as a medium range defense and support ship. In their defensive role squadrons routinely patrol known shipping lanes and our borders, to ward off would be intruders. These ships are extremely fast and their manueverability is unmatched. They have a dual atmoshpheric capability and can be used for precision strike missions as well. As support units these destroyers serve as picket ships for our larger assets. They are a crucial cog in our military and by far our most numerous warship.


  • 24 total. 6 Judicators, 18 Enforcers


  • 33.3 Meters


  • 16.6 Meters


  • 15,000 tons

    Armor & Shielding:

  • Ultrasteel reactive Armor Level V. Medium hull integrity. One Type II Multi-Adaptive Generator.


  • 6 Quantum Slipstream Engines giving a maximum speed of 20,000 sph for limited periods. Equivalent to Warp 10.


  • 30,000 sectors


  • Integrated fire control system linked through the master computer. Full sensor and electronic counter measure suite.


  • 6 large energy cannons in two three-barrelled turrets (Mk V Defense Grids). Approximately 20 Mk V Enhanced Plasma Torpedoes in a single launcher tube.