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- April 1, 1999 -

Raven/Konnan Interview - Donny and Marie Show - April 1, 1999

Donny: "You know, welcome back. These guys are taking Monday Night Nitro by storm. They are the top two . . . the two top contenders of World Championship Wrestling.

(Clips of Raven and Konnan are showed, Raven and Konnan come out)

Raven and Konnan on Donny and Marie

Marie: (To Konnan) "You forgot to pull your pants up." (Konnan pulls up his pants)

Donny: "My son wears it like that, it's the new thing. That's a nice way to tuck."

Konnan: "I got dressed up for your show."

Donny: "And I appreciate that."

Raven: "I gotta ask you a question right off the bat . . ."

Donny: "All right, go for it."

Raven: "We were thinking like what if we had a battle royale and we got like David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman, and all of your arch rivals - all those teen idols. You think you could come out on top?"

Donny: "You set it up . . . You set it up and I am in the ring. 'Cause I did a boxing match with (Danny) Bonaducci . . . "

Raven: "And what happened with that?"

Donny: "I won, but they called him the winner because the fight was fixed. But I won that bout. It's like I can kick your guys' butts."

Marie: "Actually . . ." (Everyone Boos)

Konnan: "You need to relax, you need to relax Donnie . . ."

Donny: "I need to what?"

Konnan: "You need to relax and be easy like Sunday morning."

Donny: "Yeah right."

Marie: "Now, you like to read a lot, don't you?"

Raven: "Uh hum."

Marie: "Now what kind of books does the Raven read?"

Raven: "Actually, I read a lot of . . . I read a lot of comics like Science Fiction and horror type of stuff."

Donny: "Oh really . . ."

Raven: "The Vertigo line of stuff by DC Comics, The Sandman, and stuff like that."

Marie: "How many books do you read in a week?"

Raven: "Actual book books I read like 3 - 4 a week, and like 5 magazines from cover to cover and other 10 or 15 comics a week. It's funny 'cause now comics aren't written for like kids anymore. When I was a kid . . . It's like kind of like wrestling, wrestling 10 years ago was all clownie and cartoonish but now it's pretty violent and real. Comics kind of grow up too. I guess the people who read them as kids and liked 'em as kids decided that they want to keep reading them as adults. And it's written now on an adult level and more people over 18 buy comics than people under 18 which is surprising."

Marie: "You were a good student in school, weren't you?"

Raven: "Yeah."

Donny: "Straight A's?"

Raven: (smiling) "Yeah, couldn't help it."

Donny: "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah . . ."

Raven: (laughing) "I never studied!"

Donny: "Yeah and humble too . . ."

Raven: "I never studied, I never studied, I still . . . I couldn't help it!!!"

Marie: "Straight A's? Your IQ?"

Raven: "143."

Donny: "Geez . . ."

Marie: "That's wild, thats wild . . ."

Donny: "That's amazing!"

Raven: "Uh hum . . ."

Donnie: "Hey Konnan, I found . . . I found out something about you. You were a soap star."

Konnan: Yeah, in Mexico City. I did three soap operas, I did a play, a rap record. You know I try to drop a little versatility."

Donny: "Good attitude, good attitude."

Marie: "Now you hold the attendance records in Mexico City . . ."

Konnan: "In Mexico City, yeah. That's where I got my break, in Mexico City, that's where I started 10 years ago, that's where i put my grind down and you know I got the all time record. Este "Palacio De Torros," which is like a bull ring in Mexico City, 58,000 people. And here at the L.A. Sports Arena. I broke the 25 year old record about 4 years ago."

Donny: "Fantastic!"

Marie: "All right, you both are big guys . . ."

Donny: "No Kiddin'!"

Raven: (to Marie) "You like big guys?"

Marie: "Yeah . . . how much do you weigh?"

Raven: "235."

Konnan: "250."

Marie: "How do you stay in shape, what do you eat?"


Raven: " Everything - a little bit of everything. You know steak and a lot of chicken. and you know . . ."

Marie: "Eat a lot of protein?"

Raven: "Yeah, a lot of protein like 300 - 350 grams a day."

Marie: "Holy cow . . ."

Donny: "Oh man, that's about what I eat . . ." (Marie laughs)

Donny: "So anyway pay per view events are coming up soon?"

Raven: "Yeah, Superbrawl is coming up."

Donny: "What? Superbra?"

Konnan: "B-R-A-W-L."

Donnie: (sarcastically) "Oh, I thought Raven said we are going to fight in Superbra."

(Raven gets up and Donnie pushes him, Raven pushes Donnie back. Donnie falls down and sits behind Raven. Marie pushes Raven, Raven trips on Donnie and falls down. Donnie starts choking him. Konnan comes to help Raven, but Marie hits Konnan in the head with a cookie sheet and puts him into a Tequila Sunrise. Raven gets up and slams Donny on the floor)