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interview archive archive: a collection of one-on-one interviews with raven culled from various sources

the film vault: the raven's crucifix

RAVEN2.AVI - Raven whips the Sandman through a table during a match in Extreme Championship Wrestling. - (0:06)

RAVEN3.AVI - Raven bulldogs the Sandman through a table at ringside in ECW. - (0:06)

RAVENSAND.AVI - Raven reverses a suplex on Sandman and pushes him onto a steel guardrail. He then DDT's Sandman right onto the guardrail. - (0:06)

dumpster.mpeg - This clip comes from Nitro, May 31, 1999. Raven is beaten outside of the Houston Astrodome by Bam Bam Bigelow and Diamond Dallas Page. - (0:05)

deathvalley.mpeg - This clip comes from Thunder. Raven does the trademark Scott Hall pose as Saturn does the Death Valley Driver on Vincent. - (0:05)

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