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interview archive archive: a collection of one-on-one interviews with raven culled from various sources

the film vault: the raven's crucifix

ravenwcw4.avi - Raven hits Stevie Richards with the DDT at Clash of The Champions 1997. - (0:05)

ravenwcw5.mpeg - Raven hits Dean Malenko with a drop toe hold on a steel chair on WCW Monday Nitro - (0:04)

ravenecw6.avi - Stevie hits The Sandman with a loaded boot and goes to cover Sandman, but Raven pulls him off and pins Sandman to retain his title. - (0:14)

ravenecw7.avi - Raven has Sandman in an armlock as Stevie does moronic commentary on the action. Worth downloading for Stevie's comments alone - (0:13)

1.avi - This video comes from Nitro, February 8, 1999. This is the first of the infamous "Raven At Home" videos, where Raven reveals his depression is a hoax to irritate his mother. - (0:11)

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