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interview archive archive: a collection of one-on-one interviews with raven culled from various sources

the film vault: the raven's crucifix

ravenecw1.avi - Raven nails Sandman with 6 wicked chair shots to the head and then does the Crucifix in ECW. - (0:12)

ravenecw2.avi - Tommy Dreamer nails Raven with a kitchen sink in ECW. - (0:02)

ravenecw3.avi - A montage of Raven and Tommy Dreamer saying "Quote the Raven, nevermore." simultaneously - (0:03)

ravenecw4.mpeg - The Chairshot Heard 'Round The World - Dreamer impales Raven with a steel chair while Raven is crucified to a steel cage. - (0:01)

ravenecw5.avi - Dreamer piledrives Raven onto a steel chair in ECW. - (0:01)

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