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Pictures of the Cerritos Synchronettes

These are pictures of the Cerritos Synchronettes. They are not recent pictures, sorry. At the moment there aren't to many but we'll get more on ASAP!

The girls in Arizona.
The younger members of the Synchronettes in Arizona.

The former 12-13 A Team, who competed in Nationals last season who placed 11th.
LFT to RT: Lisa Yi, Essie Asawapornmongkol, Kim Pham, Christie Virosteck

12-13 duet, who placed 7th at Nationals.
LFT to RT: Christie Virosteck, Kim Pham

This is the 16-17 team.
bottom row (LFT to RGT): Jill Strickland, Katrina Bravo
top row (LFT to RGT): Stephanie Yu, Heia Yoon Kang, An Pham

This picture was taken at LAX while the girls were waiting for their plane that would soon take them to Buffalo, New York.

Here's a picture of Lisa Yi with Coach Catherine Nelson.
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