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MTV Welcome Party

Recently the Cerritos Synchronettes were invited to put on a show for a MTV Music Awards Welcome Party. The girls performed for MTV producers. They did a few floating patterns and lifts with a live band, The Zebraheads.

This is where the Synchronettes met Mayor Richard Riordon and got pictures taken with him, which was a big honor.
bottom LFT. to RT.: Cathy, Kim, Christie, Hannah, Kathryn
second row LFT. to RT.: Lisa, Jennifer, Essie
top row LFT. to RT. : Stephanie, An, Hiea-Yoon, The Mayor, Katrina, Elisa, Eileen

This picture was in the locker room near the hotel pool , the girls were hanging out full of excitement, but took time out to take a quick picture with their coach, Coach Catherine Nelson.
bottom LFT to RT: Lisa
second row LFT to RT: Kim, Coach Catherine, Jennifer
third row: Christie, Essie, Hannah, Elisa, Kathryn, Eileen

This is the Mondrion Hotel pool that the girls performed in that night.
LFT to RT: Cathy, Hannah, Elisa, Katrina, Stephanie, An, Hiea-Yoon, Eileen, Lisa, Essie, Jennifer, Kathryn, Christie, Kim

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