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To our family and friends

Hello again. Can you believe that 2002 is here already?
I hope and pray that God has blessed you this year so far.
God has blessed us with safety and love from Him and His Son Jesus and His angels.

Only God knows what trials and tribulations we will endure during this year.
As of 8-24-01 we have called Germany our home, but only for temporary.
Our real home is in California and we miss it. Being in the military or married to someone who is in,
brings challenages of moving and making new friends, finding someone who won't screw up your hair
and finding a great hangout place. Well, I found someone who does a good job cutting my hair.
As for the hangout place it must be the library.

Save a Tree - RECYCLE

Here in Germany is the law to recycle, no question about it.
We have 4 color coded cans to separate the stuff.
We just had our christmas tree picked up the other day,
thank goodness we didn't have to get rid of it.


It was hard being without family and friends this year for the holidays.
I am saddened knowing that we won't have as much
eye contact with our friends or family, thank goodness
for email and home pages.

Thank you for being a part of our family and friends.
You are priceless and can't be replaced.
We sure do appreciate all that you do for us.
Thank you!

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