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Be My Father

Lord, You know my heart,
You Know my ways,
Many times I'm lost for words,
To express the way I feel.
Put a pen in my hand,
And paper on my lap,
I can express how I feel.

Sometimes I forget,
How much You care for me
I let You go when I'm happy,
Maybe because I don't need You.
Lord please stay, I do need You,
In my sad times, in my happy times.

You've been my comforter when I was down,
You've been my Father when I needed advice,
You've been my Friend when I lost my last,
I know I have all of those in You
And much more.

Lord how can I forget You in my happy times?
You are happy when I'm happy
You are sad when I am sad,
You are my strength when I am weak,
Keep me weak, be my strength Be my Father

crc 1/1/88

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