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My Father Cares

My Father takes care of me
No matter what I say or do.
My Father watches out for me
No matter where I am.
My Father takes care of me
When I am sleeping or driving down the road.
My Father watches out for me
When Iím thinking of Him or when
Iím thinking of something else.
God will take care of you,
When you ask Him to or forget to.
God loves us all
Will we take care to go to Him in
Our trouble times?
How about our happy times?
God loves us all,
Enough to send his one and only Son,
To die for us instead of us dying like He did.
God loves us more then we can comprehend.
Will we follow Him, His Son?
Will we give up ourselves to Him?
His love is free, His grace is free.
His Son is the ultimate sacrifice.
Will we count on Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit?
We have to decide each of us alone.
Let God love you.
Let God take care of you.

CRC Churchill 12/28/99