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He Calls Me


I walk on this path alone,
It seems no one is here but me.
I call out, am I heard?
It seems far off that I hear a voice calling me.
I know Hes here with me,
Hes calling my name, knocking on my hearts door.
Hes here with me, carrying me,
Carrying me on this path that I walk,
Alone with Him.
He talks to me, I listen,
Then I do as He tells me.
For His plan is the best,
As He walks with me and I with Him.
He carries me, we hold hands.
I reach my hand to His and He holds my hand.
He calls me, I listen,
For one day we will be face to face
As I hold my hands up, like an infant to its parent,
And He holds me.

CRC Churchill 12/30/99