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User Comments

Here are some comments and my answers. Thanks for great contribution to the improvement of Arpeggio.

User comment 1:

This looks as if it might become a very nice product. However the restrictions of this version make it pretty useless for evaluation. With finite difference methods 20meg translates to very simple structures. Also for useful evaluation you need to handle at least two metal layers with vias between them. (Other demo versions of other EM simulation packages have the same restrictions which makes them also useless for evaluation purposes.) Good luck with the hard work.

Answer :

The memory restriction is because the memory allocated for the FD-TD code is only 20 Meg, which I've coded half year ago. Since then I've been focusing on the GUI which sucks out all my time and strength because GUI programming is not as easy as it seemed. I will increase the memory limit to unlimited in the later version.

As for the restrictions on the number of layers, PECs, Vias, actually it is not a restriction. It is because I haven't fully tested any case beyond single layer. You are still allowed to do that except the result is not guranteed with this version.

User comment 2:

This is a nice EM tool except for it is still not completed yet. When do you think you can get the full version done? And please keep me informed about the progress of this tool.

Answer :

Glad you like it. As I said above, I am the only one working on this with my spare time. I am not sure when I can completely finish this. But definitely there will be improvement from now on and more functions and features will be added to Arpeggio.

User comment 3:

I used it for a while but I didn't find any 3-D circuit viewing option (like the one in HP's HFSS)! Do you have any plan to add that into Arpeggio?

Answer :

This is a very good suggestion, but the answer is somewhat disappointing. No, I don't have any plan to add 3-D viewing in Arpeggio in the near future. Partly because I am totally unfamiliar with 3-D drawing programming, and partly because I have many other things to do to improve Arpeggio. This sounds too sad, but if you look at most of EM simulator, they don't have 3-D viewing either. I think just a few do have it but the 3-D viewing is not as good as what you expect. Especially don't be too surprised when you see the price tag of HFSS. However, I don't exclude the possiblibity that Arpeggio will have it, but just not in the next half year.

User comment 4:

There are very few FD-TD EM tool commercially available. I am glad to see this Arpeggio appears. However it seems Arpeggio can only do microwave circuit type of simulation. I am interested in scattering, radiation, PCS antenna type of study. Can Arpeggio do those?

Answer :

You just indicated another advantage of FD-TD based EM simulator. Most of commercial EM simulator can't do scattering, radiation... Arpeggio sure can do these but again it takes time to add those and they will be added later if I have more time and strength working on it.