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The writing on the wall


Who was this child called JESUS that people began
a new belief in GOD , THE ALMIGHTY? JESUS
to many , is believed to be the Son of God .
How can this be possible when we look at the
creation of GOD ? GOD said that man was
formed from the Dust of the Ground. GOD
himself claims in HIS WORD , HE created
man , being witnessed by men .

So who is this JESUS ? If we look at the science
of our times the procedure that takes place for
human beings to be born , we find that it takes a
Man and a Woman's living organs to create life .


Now we will speak of Jesus...it was written as the WORD says...HIS mother was never sexually involved with man but was a young virgin . Then how was it that Jesus , without being conceived of HIS known father Joseph , was to be born? The answer lies within the very SPIRIT of GOD'S WORD , passed
down through HIS SPIRIT , since the beginning of
HIS creation of heaven , earth , man , woman and child !

God is a Spirit , HIS word is also of Spirit . In finding
this mystery , we understand how it was that God
created HIS son . The SPIRIT Word tells us , in the
beginning was the WORD , the WORD was with
GOD and the WORD was GOD . GOD , the
ETERNAL ALMIGHTY everlasting who
indeed had no beginning , found of a
Handmaiden that was to be pure in
bringing forth HIS SON into this world .

GOD's WORD... when spoken... is true in its'destiny .
Its'the seed of life as all things were
created by HIS WORD .

Understand this...at the time of Mary , the Word tells
us the Holy Ghost overshadowed woman as
GOD'S SPIRIT moved as in the beginning .
God then with the power that HE alone
possesses over the laws of creation ,
SPOKE the WORD flesh not formed
of dust the being of HIS son in the
womb of a virgin's time to conceive
a child in the law of creation's time .

Updated November 23 ,1997

Baby was Born in the world after nine months from the
womb of his virgin mother . Love , she gave this child
like any other born before him . Hungry , he would
cry as she fed him from her breast , mothering in
all cares that mothers give . This baby born of
her what was he to be , thoughts in her mind
of all the events happening around her ,
before and after his birth .

Jesus was not concieved the way she was taught of
man and woman , neither did she feel the baby leap
in her womb from the HOLY GHOST , when hearing
the words of GOD as Elizabeth felt from her baby.

The spoken WORD of GOD created flesh as body
in likeness as all other children born in the world
from woman . In this world he cried , hungry he ate
while in thirst he drank , yet being part of GOD he
felt , compassion , anger , pain and death in his
spirit that brought life to the bodied shell .

As a carpenter's son Jesus was taken care of by
a man thought to be his father . Learning the
carpenters trade Jesus was good in what he
did , yet his thoughts were on the Father he
knew that created him , for he WAS , the
WORD , of GOD from the beginning .

Learning all that he was taught in man and
GOD He grew in his spirit becoming strong
in wisdom while the SPIRIT of GOD
overshadowed his life . Increasing more
in wisdom and character Jesus grew
into a man having respect of man
and GOD , yet not all men .

Men in their time of Authority , teachers intrusted
the Word of GOD , in ages past from Moses .
Jesus the Son of Man would be judged and rejected
in many works HE performed , as elders , chief
priests and scribes leading people
performing their work from GOD .

November 24 , 1997

Jesus was a man not much different than the common
people in his day . Jesus wasn't wealthy or did
he live in wealth as the world seen in it's era .
Jesus worked as a carpenter and did his work
in GOD quietly , as his time was not yet present
to finish . Work that most people didn't think
about as helping others , while teaching the
coming kingdom of those after death .

Then at the age of thirty the word of GOD
sent Jesus into the work of the congregation
he was to build , laying the foundation
making himself the cornerstone .

GOD sent His WORD once in the end of the
world made in the likeness of sinful man ,
making HIS WORD , man without sin to put
away sin by sacrifice of Himself .

SPOKEN WORD of GOD concieved in a pure
young virgin woman as GOD'S WORD was born
flesh . JESUS , SON of GOD, GOD'S WORD
creation of all created , then through him a new
creation was born yesterday , today and forever .

Update November 29, 1997

Jesus the Son of Man giving himself to
everyone that would listen to him in his time .
Wandering through the land of Israel first he would
speak WORDS of GOD to the Sons of Abraham .
Sons of Isreal were to bring salvation into the
world making sacrifice the LAMB of GOD,
with other Sons for all mankind .

Jesus wandering about the people speaking the WORDS
of GOD as they would listen in amazement always
wondering about the works he claimed were
of GOD HIS FATHER having sent him .

God's Love and compassions Jesus gave to the
people feeding , healing there afflictions of
sickness , disease , raising the dead , casting
out of the adversaries of evil in people .

Many of works this Jesus would do as people were
coming to see this man of GOD for their needs as his
fame grew in the world . Works Jesus claimed he could
not do of himself for he spoke the words of
his father and the works he did of
the father that lived in him .

Mighty works Jesus would do as the Holy GHOST
was in him to the fullest measure , no man having
ever seen or experienced . Jesus knowing in himself
words that were spoken , works that were manifested
in all created with wisdom , knowledge and
understanding to be understood.

The same wisdom , knowledge and understanding that
is of the Holy Ghost , many people don't have the
understanding who Jesus really is . JESUS was
the WORD , the WORD was with GOD ,
the WORD was GOD , the same
was in the beginning with GOD .

Making Jesus and the Father as one .
More coming........

HIS Life , Death and Power of HIS Ressurection

to continue .......

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