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Were we created by a GOD who created earth
forming the First MAN from the Dust of the
ground ? Wondering Questions that cross the
Minds of people whether or not there is a GOD .

People have heard HIS name mentioned with many titles
while worshipping HIM different ways . Some worship HIM
as famous men and womem , sacred animals , desires of
their own minds , while others seem to think He
is one of many battling to have full control .

GOD , was openly showing His presence , allowing man at
one time to worship as seemed fit by the imagination of
his mind , created thoughts , creations of his own hands .

Man's spirit has felt and seen in the body at times the
awareness of GOD even proving of GOD'S presence in
the creation . Bodies of flesh , carried around
by a spirit of its own seeking , the very answers
to questions until the body dies in time .

Updated November 2 , 1997

Then time faces Man's spirit with the reality of God
in the existence of eternity . Questions that are
now answered by the voice of creation's maker to
the exact word of men that testified the very word
of God by his HOLY SPIRIT that was given .

MEN knowing the true living GOD of all that
is created . Spirit's of Eyes that saw the power
of GOD as HE testified HIS works to them.
Holy men of GOD that spoke of the evil
that fellow men were doing that GOD
would bring Judgement on their works .

Spirits of people worshipped the works of their own
minds . Crimes of Hate , they would inflict on each
other as their spirit's evil thoughts , controlled the
emotions of their lives . Evils that seem to never
cease as thoughts of getting back at each
other , was a way of pleasure .

Thoughts that would allow spirits of all people to
destroy each other for the lack of knowledge why
the outer skin may be different . Ignorant that
the spirit inside of the bodied shell is the same
substance of spirit given by the breath of GOD .

Man's body and spirit was created good , as was
all of God's creations given to man . Man with
the created woman of His Bone and flesh , never
knew the other side of creation's effect or meaning
of evil . Man's spiritual eyes of the body , only
saw the Glory of his perfect created body with
all the goodness that surrounded him in his glory .
The GLORY of having GOD and the angels watching ,
while holding in conversation with them , supplying all
his needs . . . .lacking nothing .

Updated November 5 , 1997

Then all changed as the spiritual eyes ....that only
knew glory and goodness were opened as Woman
and Man fell victims to one of wisdom . Wisdom ,
Created by GOD , an Angel slick to deceive , as
one in rage of jealousies , blinded to the real
meaning of his creator's plan . Accusing man and
woman before GOD seeking to destroy what became
loving to GOD and many of His angels .

Angels in Heaven and on Earth expressing their joy
in praise to the SPIRIT , Almighty GOD . Woman in
beauty , innocently wandering in the beautiful kingdom ,
filled with the glory of GOD'S heaven and earth .
She and her man , never realizing how the darkness
of evil could interfere in their lives .

Seeing GOD'S created angels as part of her life . . .the
glory and power of her head , as she was created from
man , man first of GOD . Watching and listening at
the creations created , she would learn the meaning of
God's power . Received instructions from GOD through
her man , she was meek to all that surrounded
her , never knowing the feeling of fear .

Then Woman , deceived by the angel that chose
to leave his place in glory , she fell in space of
time confused of the change taking place in
her spirit and body . Time , which she could
not discern good or evil , for the makings of
her being created , from the rib of man , was
pure of her being made flesh and bone .

Wondering in her return to man , she was wise
in thought , acts of evil not known to her , she
deceived man giving him the tree of knowledge
in knowing good and evil . Then as he took
of her knowledge to know good and evil from
the tree , man and woman's eyes were open to
the evil in creation they fell victim , part of
the creation . The knowledge of good and evil ,
awareness of GOD's SPIRIT broken within them ,
being sent from HIS presence .

Updated November 8 , 1997

Then starts lives of choice....once the evil had taken
its place in the creation , their was an impact on all
of God's creations . Separation from God was
the hardest man and woman had to face .
The angels were only allowed to have short visits
in their likeness part of the creation as woman .
The Almighty would at times allow Himself to be
visited by men and women or visited them
by angels , good and evil .

The heaven above earth became a space of conflict ,
as the evil prince and power of the air with his
followers lust for control of man and woman's
spirits . Only for the time GOD allowed ,'til
woman would bring flesh of man into the
world that would finally make an end
of evil . Man in his likeness who would
destroy all works of darkness
giving life in the flesh.

Earth found herself cursed for man's sake , as the
beauty she had would soon fall to the curse .
Destruction of nature would take its course with
man abusing her surfaces , seas , and heaven .

Updated November 11 , 1997
Man's spirit recieved the ability to control his life
and habitat when he fell from GOD . Woman was given
her part in creation as she became the mother of all
living , as the word of the LORD brought judgement .
She brought children into the world still
giving praise to the LORD . The pain that she
felt from her made a virgin for man , then the
womb that conceived the seed of man to birth
a child was not enough to forget the creator
as she cried in joy .

Praising and offerings that testified GOD was still
apart in the spirits of men and women . The
Almighty , GOD still in their lives with all HIS
creation of good watching while doing their part
helping men to survive . Man in works with his
hands tilled the ground for food to ease the
hunger in life . Shelter was needed as the earth
and heaven began to change their environment patterns .

Then with the increase of population on the earth ,
men and womens spirits , lusting in there own desires
began to leave the teachings of men that would
give praising and offerings to the Lord .

Cities were being built , inventions of their hands they
made , no longer realizing all was allowed by GOD .
Spirits in mind of no fear that the very
GOD that created , could have destroyed them with the
power of HIS WORD , spirits then awaken from
the lust in their bodies , they were only Dust .

Spirits of man , woman and offsprings slowly showing
a nature of evil mixed with good . Faces now in
life showing a rage of jealousies as evil increased
in the emotions of spirits in men and women .
Jealousies that soon led in the life of ones
brother murdered as the desire of control
and respect for his works were not better .

The impact on this day of sorrow as all created
felt awareness of this new evil. Even the earth
cursed for man's sake received blood from
man as he cried on the ground to GOD .
Dust from the Earth that was used to create man
was now receiving man as the earth opened her
mouth to receive his blood and body from the
hands of man , now cursed from the earth .
Times that brought change , the earth that was
cursed to help man , at the same time would
destroy man , cursed from the earth .

OH! Lucifer , wisdom and beauty you have as an angel
of light, hindrance you were in the creation , hindrance
you are in the lives of men , women , and offsprings .
Evils you caused that separate spirits from GOD ,
murderer from the beginning , speaker of lies ,
in you is no truth and the father of it , deceiving
while leading , spirits to eternity .

Yet , GOD blesses the good and the evil .

Continuance forthcoming....

Man's spirit...is it then lost ? I say unto you no . WE will soon look at a man who also has many names . . . but in English , HIS name is known as

JESUS . . . .

At the Work in the SPIRIT of the LORD LIVE Updates

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