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Welcome to our page dedicated to programming the Qbasic RPG, Torgo's Revenge! This page will ahve news on the progress of the game and some screen shots of the game and many other things based on soon to be the greatest Qbasic RPG ever made! I hope... Anyways, let's get to the game.

Here is a REALLY bad screen shot of the game when I first started making it. You can't see the detail in this picture but it gives you a basic image of what the game looked like 2 months ago. Now it looks alot better. To see this image at it's greatest, Wait for it to fully load.

(don't worry, this is not a picture for the game... Just a quick one I drew up!)

Read the Story So Far

See What Has Been Done

See What Will Be Done

Read Some News On The Game

The story so far...

Torgo and his father Daric are outside practicing their battling techniques. Daric is the King of Gondeluc, and Torgo is his son, and prince of the kingdom.

Daric: Alright, now hit me with everything you got!

Sudenly the Queen Dashes outside of the kingdom...

Queen: Daric! Daric! There is word that the kingdom is going under attack! The word is that Florah and her sibals have come to destroy the kindom and take us with it! please you are the strongest man we have, and she has already killed most of our greatest soldiers. The rest have ran in mercy! Please help!

Daric: Torgo, come with me... It is now time to test your skill!

The two run out in to the court yard, where they incounter Florah and her men...

Florah: Oh, king Daric? You think you can defeat me? I wouldn't even try. You underestimate my powers...

Daric: You will never get through me, and you'll never destroy my kingdom! Torgo! Now!

Torgo and Daric start attacking the beast that acompany Florah. Just when Daric deheads the last beast, He faces Florah.

Florah: Pitty, pitty.. That was not a smart thing to do... You will die for what you've done!

Florah attacks...

The battle commences and they begin to strike each other...

Torgo, who's trying with all of his mite, finds him self on the ground, infront of Florah..

Florah: You see what happens? Now your son will die!

Florah takes out her long blade and swings it at Torgo's weak body. Just then, Daric dives in and stoped the blade with his sholder.

Daric: Euhhh!... I'll never let you take my son.. Run! Run Torgo! Go tell your mother to run!

Florah: Well then I could jsut kill you now Daric, but I won't, I'll torcher you until the day I die.

Florah picks up Daric and carries his body back to her kingdom...

Torgo: Nooo!! Father!

Torgo runs after them but they are to far, and they drift out of site...

5 years later.

Torgo is outside, praticing his sword swinging...

Guard: King Torgo, I don't think you should be out here when there has been word that Florah has been seen in the vally...

Torgo: What! I would, I know that! I am waiting for her, ready to kill that slime! She killed my father, and she won't get away with it! Take my mother and go to the basement...

Guard: Ye, yes sir... I will do that...

The gard runs off into the castle... Moments later a near by guard yell in pain... He has been striked by an arrow in the chest, he has been killed by one of Florah's soldiers..

Torgo: Looks like the games have begun... Ha.. Now it is time for me to show her what I've learned over the past years.. Those 5 years of training were all for my father, and to kill florah.

Torgo shoots through the enemies like a bullet through the air.. Killing everyone in a single strike... Soon, he meets up with Florah...

Florah: Ouuu, looks like you have been practicing! Good job *applauding*

Torgo: Yes I have, and all of it, jsut to kill you! Ahhhhh!!

Torgo stikes and cuts her flesh open accros her stomach...

Florah: Euhhh... You will die!

Florah strikes but Torgo dodges it, then slices again at florahs stomach.. Cutting the flesh once again..

Florah: I will be.. back..

Florah takes off, and runs into the vally..

Torgo: Come back here! You can't fight at all, I should have killed you! I won't let you get away!

Torgo runs back to the kingdome to pack his stuff for the journey to Florah's Kingdome...

The journey Begins

Comming soon!

What Has Been Done

-since August 14, 1997

Well so far I have made over 80 tiles, I have found a nicer font and I am still working on a better scrolling engine. I have added in some more detail to some tiles and started to think of what the end bosses should look like and I have started some bigger graphics for some parts of the game...

What Will Be done

-since August 14, 1997

I would really love to have some Sound FX and MIDI music, and I think I can do it!

Some News On The Game

-since August 14, 1997

Lookin' great! (sorry to tired to type.. Zzzzz..)